March 2, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 26

Stories from the March 2, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Warm weather, cherry blossoms, green grass and baseball

Ah, February in Washington – the weather is warm, the interns are ready and the cherry blossoms are imminent. Spring is sprung, the grass is risen. I wonder where the ballpark is. With the generous assistance of El Ni?o, we’ve been enjoying an Indian spring, which gets me itchy for the thing that I itch […]

Scholars, activists to look for a meeting of the minds

Activists and scholars can be uncomfortable bedfellows, but GW will seat the two in the same parlor at its “Activism and the Academy: Opening Dialogues” conference March 27-28. “There is a perception that academic language complicates and distracts from the actual project,” conference coordinator Rachel Riedner said. “But on the other hand, there is a […]

Letters to the Editor

Freedom of speech One would think a senior majoring in journalism would understand the notion of freedom of speech. In a February 23 opinion piece (“Conversation about gays and its effects,” The GW Hatchet, p.5), the writer reiterated a conversation between two girls in the Marvin Center. He’d overheard one girl state her opinion about […]

Responsibility and elected officials’ votes

Student Association officials and other student group leaders on campus share similar, general goals. Yet they starkly differ when it comes to the specific purpose of their jobs. Regardless of the organization, all leaders want to enhance the lives of those they serve. However, while SA officials may recognize the larger needs of the student […]

1998 Candidates Statements

Student Association President Sabina Siddiqui: The issues are not debatable. What’s debatable is who is the most effective leader. The effective leader will be the one who’s gotten results, who’s hard-working, and who’s also remained in touch with students. I will never lose sight of the fact that we are students searching for solutions together. […]

Negative campainging clouds presidential race

With less than a week before student elections, anonymous groups circulated negative e-mail and fliers concerning the race for Student Association president. An e-mail was sent from a Hotmail e-mail account to selected students from an organization calling itself “Students Against Patrick Macmanus.” The e-mail made defamatory remarks against Macmanus, an SA presidential candidate. “We, […]

Next year, SA will have more global flavor

The United Student Association of GWU. Have you ever heard such thing in your life? No you have not. Get on your marks, next year you will start to hear this concept. I came to this school with a hope of studying on an “international campus” at the heart of the nation’s capital. Like every […]

Campaign posters flood GW campus

With sleeping bags and pillows in hand, members of Sabina Siddiqui’s campaign for Student Association president camped out in front of J Street all night Thursday to ensure wall space for her campaign posters. “Some people passing by thought we were homeless,” said Faisal Matadar, candidate for Columbian School of Arts and Science senator and […]

Strauss for EVP

The race for executive vice president pits two current Student Association senators against each other. Both Jason Haber and Jesse Strauss are effective legislators. However, while Haber wants to push for tangible benefits like a student discount card and University toll-free phone number, Strauss has an activist’s vision for where he wants both GW and […]

Potter for president

The job of Student Association president requires knowledge of how the system works, while at the same time not being swallowed by the system. The focus must always remain on why the SA exists – to serve students. The most realistic, focused and best-qualified candidate to lead the SA next year is Carrie Potter, potentially […]