February 23, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 24

Stories from the February 23, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Nathanson brings dollar sense to PB chair race

Brian Nathanson is the guy who has lived in the Program Board office for the past two-and-a-half years. He welcomes visitors with his friendly smile and Californian demeanor. “It can often be uncomfortable for those who first join,” Nathanson said. “I want to put everyone at ease so they feel like they can jump right […]

GW ROTC looks to the Middle East

As the beating of war tom-toms on the Potomac grows louder with each passing day, the United States Navy and Marine Corps stand deployed in the Middle East, poised for a possible attack on Iraq. More than 24,000 American troops, 25 U.S. ships and 325 U.S. aircraft are assembled in the Persian Gulf, prepared to […]

Trustees guide University’s expansion

They raise GW’s tuition. They approve the groundbreaking of new facilities. They select the University president. The Board of Trustees are among the most powerful – and most elusive – people on campus. The 40 men and women of the Board of Trustees direct a wide range of University policy. From GW’s mission statement to […]

Jewsbury’s love of PB will improve programs

Mike Jewsbury says the reason he wants to be executive chair of Program Board is simple – he loves the group. “The whole organization is very friendly,” he said. Jewsbury, a informational systems major, worked with PB as a work study his freshman year, was chief of the concert crew sophomore year and currently is […]

RHA may amend voting process

Residence Hall Association members will vote Wednesday on a newly-restructured amendment that would establish resident-wide voting for the organization’s president. The original amendment, proposed by JBKO Hall Representative Adam Green, called for students in all residence halls to elect the president and vice president for programming. RHA rejected the amendment Jan. 28 by a vote […]

Hundreds put on housing wait list

About 300 students may be placed on a Community Living and Learning Center waiting list after Saturday’s on-campus housing lottery, said Residence Hall Association President Randy Bomze. “It went as smoothly as can be expected,” said Paul Barkett, assistant director of CLLC. “I would’ve liked there to be enough space for everybody.” CLLC gave students […]

Conversation about gays and its effects

First girl: “That state allows same-sex marriage.” Second girl: “Ehw, yuck. That’s disgusting.” The above two sentences paraphrase a conversation between a group of girls heard Feb. 10 outside the Marvin Center. I have several things I would like to say about it. First of all, when I responded to the comments of these girls, […]

RHA is not simply an oligarchy

Recently, I (along with my fellow executive board members of the Residence Hall Association) have been accused of being a mediocre leader, as well as an “RHA insider” who was a “chosen leader-to-be” (“Democracy needed in RHA elections,” The GW Hatchet, Feb. 2, p.4). Although I can only speak for myself, I would like to […]

Lottery limbo

This weekend’s on-campus housing lottery revived one of GW’s lesser publicized traditions. Students with high numbers – or friends with high numbers – selected GW’s choice “real estate.” But about 300 students, estimates Residence Hall Association President Randy Bomze, found their way to the waiting list. For rising sophomores in housing limbo, don’t worry; GW […]

Minority health

President Clinton recently announced plans to level out disparities between white and minority Americans’ health care with $400 million and a new public awareness campaign. In the world’s richest and most powerful country, it is a national tragedy that such gross differences exist. The president’s five-year initiative would run in conjunction with private sector help. […]