February 17, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 22

Stories from the February 17, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Greek life hopes to fix reputation

Neil Smith, a member of Theta Delta Chi, said he understood brotherhood best when he got food poisoning sophomore year and all of his brothers met him at the hospital “It’s like we were a real family.” Smith organized GW’s first Greek Forum, during which members of the Greek-letter community said they are frustrated with […]

Advocacy helps curb tuition

GW’s Board of Trustees passed the lowest tuition increase in a decade Friday, raising tuition and fees 4.7 percent for returning students – substantially lower than last year’s hefty 6.9 percent hike. The decision comes after a year of student advocacy for a lower tuition increase and more input into the University’s financial decisions. Student […]

New Tuition Numbers

Undergraduate 1997-98 1998-99 Increase(Full time) Tuition (new students) $20,370 21,590 6.0%Tuition (continuing students) $20,370 21,320 4.7%University Fee $990 1,035 4.5% Total Tuition and $21,360 22,625 5.9%Fees (new) Total Tuition and $21,360 22,355 4.7%Fees (continuing) Room $4,590 4,775 4.0%Board $2,735 2,845 4.0% TOTAL COSTS (new)$28,685 $30,245 5.4%TOTAL COSTS $28,685 $29,975 4.5%(continuing)

Letters to the Editor

Keep Lexis-Nexis GW’s contract with Lexis-Nexis, which provides advanced electronic research capabilities, may not be renewed at the end of this academic year. Fee increases are being used to justify the downscaling or removal of this important service. In the next few weeks, Gelman Library administrators will meet to evaluate how to spend Gelman’s portion […]

Gelman liaison wants student input

My name is Kevin Groves and I am serving as the Gelman Library student liaison this spring semester. This position was created in 1991 for the purpose of building a stronger relationship between Gelman Library and GW students. As liaison, I report directly to Gelman’s administration and attend many different library and campus meetings. That […]

Guess the Increase Contest winner:

The award for the closest guess to next year’s tuition increase goes to GW math Professor Murli Gupta – who guessed 4.5 percent.Congratulations!

The “interesting dichotomy” of Olympic athletes

I love the Olympics. The Games offer such an interesting dichotomy – athletes’ attitudes at the beginning and end of the Games. In the beginning, everybody looks so cocky and cool. They all think they’re going to win, but never actually say so. They all say, “I’m just happy to compete in the Games and […]

The tuition increase

The annual spring tradition of a tuition increase has come and gone. The Board of Trustees met Friday and recommended an increase much closer to the inflation rate than in previous years. Continuing undergraduates will pay 4.7 percent more next year, while graduate students will pay about 4 percent more. Incoming freshmen will face a […]

Iraq vs. Monica

The United States is possibly on the verge of war with Iraq, but you’d barely know that based on news coverage in recent weeks. The threat of airstrikes against suspected Iraqi chemical and biological weapons manufacturing sites has been overshadowed by the daily drips of information – and a torrent of speculation – concerning the […]

Upcoming Games

BbaseballGgymnasticsMTmen’s tennisWBBwomen’s basketball Tuesday: no games scheduled Wednesday: no games scheduled Thursday: WBB at UMass7:30 p.m. (A-10 TV) Friday: B at William & Mary2 p.m.MT vs. West Virginia at Fairlane1 p.m.G vs. Rhode Island7 p.m.