February 12, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 21

Stories from the February 12, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

GW Hospital heightens security

Security has been stepped up at GW Hospital after fatal attacks at two area hospitals in recent weeks. Though no similar violence has occurred at GW’s hospital, officials say they are taking extra precautions to safeguard the hospitals’ entrances and high-traffic areas. A Prince George’s Hospital Center administrator working late was found bound and strangled […]

Legislation overhauls campus hate crime reporting

Legislation proposed by U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.) could change the way GW and other colleges and universities across the nation record campus hate crimes. The 1990 Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act – the law governing campus hate crime reporting – requires institutions of higher education to record as hate crimes murders, […]


AQUARIUS (Jan. 22-Feb. 21)Dreaming of that tall, dark, handsome man sweeping you off your feet? Keep dreaming – he ain’t coming. PISCES (Feb. 22-March 21)Think you’ve found true love? Try again. Your boy/girlfriend is kissing that slut on the fifth floor. Dumbass. And you believed s/he was spending her/his nights in the 24-hour study lounge […]

Trustees attend SA town hall

Students had a first-ever chance to meet face to face with members of the University’s Board of Trustees at a town hall meeting Wednesday night, but received little response to their concerns. “You may not be getting the response that you seek, but I assure you you’re being listened to,” said Trustee Jean Fugett. Fugett […]

Bilingual movie thrills audience

Outstanding as a terrorism film that relies on plot and character development, not gunplay, Four Days in September (Miramax) is a passionate and engaging bilingual thriller aimed at a multi-cultural audience. The film is the adaptation of Fernando Gabiera’s book of the same title. It chronicles the terrorists’ perspective of the 1969 kidnapping of Ambassador […]


Students who thought they’d charged meals at Mick’s to meal plan points last semester got a surprise this week. Letters from the GWorld card office informed them they had amassed unpaid bills – and must pay up before holds are placed on their accounts. This latest snag in the GWorld card program stems from ineptitude […]

Black Cat adds a twist to Feb. 14

For an atypical Valentine’s Day, why not check out the Black Cat’s Sweetheart Ball? Attendees can drink, swing dance and enjoy great music with or without a significant other. Peaches O’Dell and her orchestra will throw quite a party at 1831 14th St. N.W. this Saturday. Vintage dress is optional – as is a date. […]

Media circus

The current media frenzy surrounding the saga of President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky is extremely disappointing. After the O.J. Simpson escapade, the media took a look at itself and pledged to re-find ethics and integrity. After the death of Princess Diana, the media proclaimed the necessity of returning to pre-tabloid times. Yet again and again, […]

Letters to the Editor

Endangered GWorld “Greetings to the GWorld Card Office Staff at the George Washington University”… We’d like to acknowledge the receipt of your letter stating that we, the misinformed students, now owe you money because the proper authorities failed to fulfill their obligation and give students correct information on the use of the “new and improved” […]