February 9, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 20

Stories from the February 9, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

SA candidate fined for distribution

Though the deadline for declaring candidacy in this year’s student elections is not until Friday, a prospective candidate for Student Association president already has lost more than half her available points for rule infractions. Sabina Siddiqui was fined by the Joint Elections Committee for two separate rule violations, both involving passing out campaign materials before […]

New play addresses contemporary issues

In “Playing Juliet/Casting Othello,” writer Caleen Sinnette Jennings explores contemporary issues of race and identity with style and grace in the ultra-traditional context of Shakespearean tragedy. Jennings presents the audience with a sort of meta-theater; both plays are about putting on plays. In “Playing Juliet,” Kila D. Burton gives life to the character Georgia, an […]

Safety: key GW issue

Because of the 68 percent increase in use of the campus escort service from 1996-1997 to 1997-1998, the Student Association will introduce a resolution to increase resources given to the University Police Department. One of GW students’ main concerns is the inability of the campus escort system to escort students from one off-campus location to […]

The Aquabats rely too much on silliness, humor to succeed

More like self-proclaimed superheroes than a band, Aquabats is an entertaining group, though its musical talent is not apparent. The best thing about these eight freaks is their warped view of the world. The lyrics on The Fury of the Aquabats (Time Bomb Records) make it clear these are not normal people. And only in […]

Valentine’s Day rules, plus GW’s campaigning machine

Take a knee Men, it’s going to be a long week. Before it begins, I believe we all need to pray together. We need a moment of silence for all our fallen comrades. Remember this moment, because by the end of this week, some of you might not be here. We all have our battles […]

College Democrats, Socialsts counter KKK cries

As the clock hands neared 1:30 p.m., fathers raised children onto their shoulders. Those who had not already reached higher ground strained on tip-toe to catch a glimpse of the Klansmen. “Mommy says that they look like ghosts,” piped a young Caucasian girl seated on her fathers’ shoulders. Only an even row of dull, gray-brown […]

Homecoming issue sent right message on booze

Thank you for your coverage of the weekend events paralleling GW’s Homecoming celebration. Too often, Homecoming becomes synonymous with drinking until one cannot see straight. As manager of the Substance Abuse Prevention Center, I am pleased to see that GW students can be open-minded about their weekend activities and promote aspects of D.C. nightlife for […]

GW senior arrested protesting Klan

GW senior Chris Johnson was one of three people arrested for leaping over four-foot police barricades during Saturday’s anti-Ku Klux Klan rally in Annapolis. “I don’t do things halfway,” explained Johnson, an economics major. “I got caught up in the moment.” Johnson was arrested by Maryland state police and charged with disorderly conduct for failure […]

Black History Month is a sad necessity

EAST LANSING, Mich. – February. The shortest month of the year. It is also the month set aside to remind America that its history involves African Americans. Once every year, Americans need to be reminded that “white” isn’t the only right and that blacks are more than Puff Daddys and Michael Jordans. Even African Americans, […]