February 5, 1998

Volume 94, Issue 19

Stories from the February 5, 1998 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Price increase could jeopardize GW’s Lexis-Nexis research service

GW’s access to the Lexis-Nexis computerized database is likely to be scaled down this fall because of a 1,100 percent increase in the price of the service, said Deborah Bezanson, the coordinator of Gelman Library’s electronic reference materials. The online subscription service is a popular research method, providing “one stop” catalogued access to the full […]


AQUARIUS (Jan.22-Feb.21)Last weekend you wasted away feeling sorry for yourself. You didn’t get any work done like you said you would. Stop complaining. It’s your own fault. Be productive this weekend – and that doesn’t mean getting drunk. PISCES (Feb. 22-March 21)You need to get out there and find a significant other. Valentine’s Day is […]

Parking rates decrease

Students who want to park on campus will have a new option this month after a Student Association push for cheaper rates for commuter students. A new parking contract, which began Feb. 1, allows commuter parkers to pay a monthly fee of $133 plus 12 percent D.C. tax. The current charge for campus parking is […]

JEC considers retroactive fines for rule violations

Candidates could be fined retroactively for violations of campus election rules, Joint Elections Committee Chair Terry Goddard said this week. During past elections, candidates have “broken” traditional campaigning rules before the JEC was in place to penalize them, creating a time of limbo with prospective candidates campaigning outside any regulation. Goddard said the JEC made […]

News Briefs

Three GW professors up for Law School dean Three GW law professors will be candidates to fill Jack Friedenthal’s shoes as the Law School dean. Professors Mary Cheh, Peter Raven-Hansen and Stephen Saltzburg will join about seven outside candidates in extensive two-day interviews on campus this spring. GW law professors bypass the credentials critique faced […]

Ricochet assesses jam

Hundreds of GW students who connect to the Internet with Ricochet wireless modems have had difficulties with their connections recently, but a company representative said help is in the works. Field Engineer Erik Moon of service provider Metricom said many students who use the wireless modems are waiting longer than usual for Internet connections. In […]

Letters to the Editor

Limited originality “Surely he’s mad,” I thought to myself as I perused Rob’s quaint little cartoon in the Jan. 29 issue of The GW Hatchet (“GW Fashions,” p.4). It was the rendering of an Arab student (dressed in “black expensive anything”), sitting on his Benz and chatting on his mobile phone that disturbed me. “This […]

The Olympics and Girl Scout cookies

Shouldn’t we be hibernating right now? Or maybe we should have migrated someplace where we can sit on the beach and sip drinks with colorful little umbrellas in them. Oh, well. At least we can be entertained by the Winter Olympics. Don’t you love all the profiles broadcasters do on the competitors? They always are […]

A shaky start

Final Joint Elections Committee rules for next month’s elections are slated for release this week. For most students, the letters JEC mean little. The committee exists for only a few weeks each year, plans no parties, enlightens no students – yet in years past, it has managed constantly to make headlines. Those who remember controversies […]

The federal surplus

For the first time in 30 years, the U.S. budget will be balanced, and more astonishingly, a surplus of $9.5 billion is projected. Where the extra cash should be aimed already is at issue. But before the spending frenzy begins, lawmakers should keep two things in mind. First, the surplus is contingent on passage of […]