October 23, 1997

Volume 94, Issue 1

Stories from the October 23, 1997 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Student groups hash out new JEC charter

Though student elections at GW are still months away, officials from the Student Association, Program Board and Marvin Center Governing Board already are preparing for next spring’s campaign. The first of two public hearings was held Monday to discuss changes to be made to the charter of the Joint Elections Committee, the group responsible for […]

Entertainment Listings

MOVIES AMC Courthouse 82150 Clarendon Blvd. Arlington, VA(703) 998-4AMC The Full Monty (R)Fri. 1:45, 5:30, 7:45, 10:00Sat. 2:00, 5:30, 8:00, 10:15Sun. 2:00, 5:30, 8:00, 10:00Mon.-Thur. 5:45, 8:15, 10:15 In & Out (PG-13)Fri. 1:30, 5:30, 8:15, 10:30Sat. 2:00, 5:30, 8:15, 10:30Sun. 2:00, 5:30, 8:15, 10:15Mon.-Thur. 5:45, 8:15, 10:15 L.A. Confidential (R)Fri. 2:00, 5:00, 8:00, 10:45Sat. 1:30, […]

Gays are normal

Last week Vice President Al Gore gave a speech to the Hollywood Radio and Television Society. In it, he spoke of the “deep responsibilities” Hollywood carries due to its great influence on American culture and society. He praised “Sesame Street” for the lessons it teaches children, and “All in the Family” for forcing Americans to […]

SJT, Clinton applaud literacy initiative

President Bill Clinton announced Tuesday that one year after the introduction of his “America Reads Challenge” tutoring program, almost 800 universities have committed to the cause of teaching elementary students to read. GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg was one of several university presidents who joined Clinton at the White House to commemorate the program’s success. […]

GW Crew and J Street TV

My life, such as it is, has been dominated by the GW crew team. Perhaps we accosted you Tuesday to give us money as we erged (that means fake rowing) one million meters (that’s really far) on the H Street terrace. If you did, we thank you, it was very much appreciated. If you didn’t, […]

Debate fizzle

Earlier this week, GW hosted the Commission on Presidential Debates Symposium. For two days, a variety of political experts gathered to discuss last year’s presidential debates. They evaluated strengths and weaknesses of the debates, the media’s role in the debates and politics in general. It was an event the University hoped would showcase GW, perhaps […]

NJ needs McGreevey as next governor

New Jersey will be one of two states electing a governor Nov. 4 to serve into the 21st century. New Jersey’s Democratic Party has nominated Jim McGreevey as its candidate to unseat incumbent Republican Christine Todd Whitman. While believing in and practicing fiscal responsibility, Jim McGreevey believes that government can and should provide necessary services […]

New landmine treaty is unrealistic

The Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the 1997 Peace Prize jointly to the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and its coordinator, Jody Williams Oct. 17. Though the Nobel Committee applauded Williams for starting “a process which in the space of a few years changed a ban on anti-personnel mines from a vision to a feasible […]

Director details porn industry

At age 17, Paul Thomas Anderson wrote the first version of Boogie Nights (New Line Cinema). In the next 10 years, two hours were added to the half-hour original. Inspired by his childhood in the San Fernando Valley, the capital of porn-making, Anderson said he always has wanted to write the backstage story of the […]