September 1, 1994

Stories from the September 1, 1994 issue of the GW Hatchet.

Hatchet staff expands coverage

Not only has The Hatchet increased its profile in the community by moving into a more prominent building on campus, but its news staff also has shed the confines of the University, reporting on stories that affect the GW community and Foggy Bottom. Instead of just covering Student Association elections, The Hatchet covered Marion Barry’s […]

Hatchet editorial board causes a stir in newsroom

On production nights before The Hatchet goes to print, the editorial board holes itself up in the editor in chief’s office behind a locked door for about an hour. Sounds ranging from shouting to laughter emit mysteriously from the room. When the bedraggled group emerges from the room, the two staff editorials bearing the consensus […]

Kelly’s Irish Times

Bar: Kelly’s Irish Times Where: 14 F St. N.W. Crowd: Mostly students, with some young professionals Getting in: Under 21 can eat Prices: $2-$7 Food: Served until 10:45 p.m. Dancing: Live music Wed.-Sat., but not much for dancing Pick-ups: Pretty rampant for woman Pluses: Outside of GW’s normal range Minuses: Kind of a hike The […]

Board ensures paper’s business

The Hatchet, as a corporation and not just a newspaper, has a board of directors like many other companies. This board of directors has made many of the important decisions and faced the issues of The Hatchet moving out of the fourth floor of the Marvin Center to its own townhouse at 2140 G St. […]


Bar: Garrett’s Where: 3003 M St. N.W. Crowd: 21-30 Getting in: Need an ID, thanks to the Bar Belle Prices: $2.00 and up Food: full menu Dancing: Very little, but the music is good enough Pick-ups: Lots if you’re looking Pluses: On the Georgetown run Minuses: Very crowded because the Bar Belle was dumb enough […]

Committee hopes to create scholarships for editor

Some students find attending class and doing well a daunting challenge. For the editors of The Hatchet, the loss of a University stipend could lead to The Hatchet editor in chief having to go to school, hold down outside jobs and try to keep things flowing at the newspaper. To combat this possible scenario, The […]

Buffalo Billiards

Bar: Buffalo Billiards Where: 1330 19th St. N.W. Crowd: 25 and older Getting in: Not really for under 21 Prices: $2.75-$8.00 Food: Southwestern Dancing: A jukebox, but dancing is not the focus of the bar Pick-ups: Some Pluses: Pool tables Minuses: Kind of far away, but not bad. The smoke is not too thick, so […]

For 90 years, doing a hatchet job has felt pretty darn good

For the past 90 years, GW’s student journalists have aspired to do a hatchet job. What were they thinking back in 1904 when they came up with the name The Hatchet? What were the other suggestions, The Shoddy? The Yellow? I can imagine that meeting: “Hey, how about The Muckraker?” “Good deprecation, but we have […]

One Step Down

Bar: One Step Down Where: 2517 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Crowd: Eclectic, to say the least Getting in: Anyone can come and hear the jazz Prices: $2.25 and up Food: Very short, but delectable menu of American food Dancing: More of a sit down place, but not unheard of Pick-ups: A little too intimate for it […]