Zoe Mackay

New diversity council leader brings faculty experience

The University appointed last week one of GW’s highest-ranked faculty as its newest leader for the diversity council. Vanessa Northington Gamble will lead the committee as it doubles its membership and divides into eight subcommittees starting in January, moving to implement specific targets related to diversity set by the University’s president, provost and vice provost […]

Clogged pipe spills sewage in Vern hall

Three days after a backed up pipe in Cole Hall caused severe sewage flooding, residents say they are still waiting for the University to fully fix the damage. According to residents, the pipe was unplugged Sunday but the basement carpet is still saturated with sewage and chemicals from the clean-up and the walls are stained […]

Study: Diversity does not foster diverse friendships

Students at diverse universities are more likely to have friends who share their beliefs and backgrounds, according to a report published by the Chronicle of Higher Education. The study found that at schools with greater diversity, particularly larger institutions, students naturally befriend similar-minded peers. According to the report, “When people have a choice, they choose […]