Zej Moczydlowski

Column: Bush’s opportunism in Jersey

I grew up in New Jersey, moving from Newark, to South Orange, to Springfield. I’m a Devils fan, I love diner food and I drive like a real aggressive jerk. I’ve been going to New York for over a decade, I’ve lived there at times, and I have a lot of good memories. On 9/11, […]

Defending the District’s vitality

During the last weeks, I’ve heard more complaints about the lack of excitement in D.C. than I had all last year. To readers from the City – being New York – Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta or Miami, let me start by saying, “I’m sorry.” No matter what I say, no matter […]

Column: Swallow the pride

I hate not being able to solve a math problem. I can’t stand not knowing the answer to a question. I’m proactive about it though; if I know my search is hopeless, I’ll just make sure I don’t start it. That’s why since the day I became interested in foreign policy, I have done my […]

Column: Learning from mistakes

On March 25 of last year I wrote, “The nation of France has been the topic of many discussions due to its refusal to support the American invasion of Iraq and one would think that their spineless actions would have saved them from becoming a target of Islamic terrorism. Yet only six days after the […]

Column: A ‘breeder’s’ tale

“Straight people shouldn’t work in the middle of a gay area…” No, that’s not from a Bible Belt Republican, Catholic Priest, or Bill O’Reilly. It’s from someone who should’ve been glad to have a straight guy comfortable enough to work in an area with a large homosexual population. It’s a direct quote from a gay […]

Column: Tuition is poorly allocated

fter not even a full year at GW I am repeatedly astounded at how poorly tuition money seems to be allocated. The ineffective GW bureaucracy seems to be disgracefully efficient at mishandling funds and leaving student interests at the far end of their list of priorities. So personally, I’m not surprised to once again see […]

Column: Defending photographers

Before I get into this issue, I wish for it to be noted that while I write for The Hatchet, as a columnist I have very little oversight from and interaction with the Editorial Board. I have my own opinions, and they are not influenced, censored or biased as a result of my affiliation with […]

Column: A lost art

One upon a time there was an activity through which intellectuals would attempt to expand their minds. They would gather together and bring with them their independent thoughts. Many times these thoughts could not logically coincide with the ideas of the other parties present. These great thinkers would try to show the reasoning behind their […]

Column: The terrorist iceberg

Less than three years ago, most Americans were blessedly blind and ignorant to the affairs of the world of terrorism. Most could have cared less about the happenings in far away places they still cannot find on a map; places like Afghanistan or Kabul that were about as relevant to everyday life as Antarctica. But […]

Column: Striving for prestige

A few weeks ago I attended a ceremony held in the GW Office of Undergraduate Admissions during which the 20,000th application for the Class of 2008 was opened. While I cannot deny the smile that crept across my face as University President Steven Joel Trachtenberg opened the envelope, I now reflect on and consider what […]