Zej Moczydlowski

Column: Strengthen the middle ground

One day, about two months ago, this columnist was given a pair of idealistic lectures that left him shamefully bowing his head at the current American political structure. One came from a liberal who refused to consider warfare ever appropriate. Another came from a pair of conservatives who believed Bush when he said that Osama […]

Column: CLLC: A four-letter “word”

After two years at GW I’ve dealt with just about every aspect of this University’s bureaucracy. Surpassing financial aid, the registrar, student accounts and even the president’s office, CLLC is by far the most frustrating. This poorly run branch of the GW bureaucracy sometimes is so obsessed with something that they’re blinded to the reality […]

Column: A presidential review

Few students have time to meet and interview all the candidates for SA president, and candidates don’t have time to meet every student for a personal interrogation. As a Hatchet columnist I had the chance to do so. I’m not a student organization endorsing a candidate who will help them next year; I’m a single […]

Column: You have options

It’s a sad reality that GW, despite allegedly having the second most sexually active dorm in the nation, charges so much for STD testing that some students can’t afford to be tested on campus. What’s more sad is that GW, with supposedly a bright and assertive student body, is full of students who accept the […]

Column: Closing arguments

First and foremost, this will be my last column on this issue. I already feel as if this is a dead horse, but everyone who has written to me has wanted me to have a final word on the topic. During my conversation with President Trachtenberg and Special Assistant Gerald Kauvar earlier this week, we […]

Column: (Still) striving for prestige

They blew it last year. The most applications in GW history and instead of cutting down on the number they accepted, they took the largest class ever, and dropped GW’s ranking to 52nd in the nation. Now, with the recently announced drop in Early Decision I applications, we’re seeing the long-term results of decisions that […]

Column: The fuss over final exams

On Dec. 22, Georgetown University will not administer any final exams. Howard University shall have completed their last final nine days earlier on Dec. 13. Students at the University of Maryland, the Catholic University of America and George Mason University shall, at the latest, have finished their fall semester final exams on Dec. 18. GW […]

Column: Goodbye John

When I heard the news, I went out to buy a bottle of champagne. I came back with a bottle of vodka instead, but regardless of the method, the idea was the same; I was going to get blasted celebrating the retirement of a man who, during his time, gave me more reason to question […]

Column: Respect for the enemy

Who ultimately pays the cost of the war in Iraq? Definitely not President Bush and Dick Cheney. The President and Vice President have only profited. “Anyone who looks at the size of the contracts acquired by the shady Bush administration-linked mega-corporations, like Halliburton and its kind,” can see it. “The real loser is you … […]

Column: The lesser of two evils

Let’s face it America, no matter who you vote for this year, you’re voting for the wrong candidate. I’ll be the first to say both options on this year’s ballot aren’t good. As a result, any attempt to pick one or the other is going to leave you trying to discern which candidate is the […]