Zach Brewer

GW launches Iraqi museum program

The University’s Museum Studies Program is creating a residency program for museum workers in Iraq. The five-month program, funded by the State Department, will train students to better preserve Iraqi artifacts and entice people into museums. Museum Studies Director Kym Rice said GW was an obvious choice for the program, given the University’s proximity to […]

Venues raise prices to offset GWorld commission

Students who complain that the price for on-campus cuisine is too high may be on to something. Owners of some on-campus restaurants say they inflate prices to compensate for the commission the University charges GWorld vendors. Ed Schonfeld, senior associate vice president of administration, refused to disclose the commission it charges on GWorld purchases, but […]

University mulls automating 4-RIDE

Requesting a 4-RIDE via text message may no longer be as far-fetched idea, if plans by a senior administrator move forward. University officials are moving toward a new dispatch system that would allow students to ask for a 4-RIDE vehicle not just with a phone call, but online or via text message, with hopes that […]

Ambassador speaks to India’s relations with other countries

India’s ambassador to the United States commended Iran on its role in helping to stabilize Afghanistan in a speech at the Elliott School of International Affairs Tuesday. Ambassador Meera Shankar said that while India disapproves of Iran’s nuclear program – concurrent with U.S. views – Iran has “been reasonably helpful” toward Afghanistan and also shares […]

Alaskan Senator talks economy with the College Democrats

Self-described fiscal conservative Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, broke party ranks Tuesday to disagree with President Barack Obama’s $50 billion stimulus package proposal. Begich, who won his Senate seat in 2008 after beating the now deceased Sen. Ted Stevens, said he instead supports a six-year $60 billion stimulus package to upgrade the country’s infrastructure. “The most […]