Zach Ahmad

AU president faces possible termination

With his reputation already in tatters, American University President Benjamin Ladner will soon learn if embezzlement charges against him will end his career at the Washington, D.C. school. The university’s board of trustees will meet Oct. 10, following a now month-long investigation into allegations that Ladner used university funds to pay for personal expenses. Based […]

Documentary follows students changing sex

When one thinks about the pressures of being a college student, undergoing a sex change operation doesn’t usually come to mind. That, though, is precisely the subject tackled in a new eight-part documentary that debuted on the Sundance Channel last week. Transgeneration, produced by World of Wonder Productions, follows four college students as they look […]

Law targeting student drug offenders stirs debate

When Prewitt Witham, a former student at the New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, R.I., was caught with marijuana in his system while driving, he knew he was in legal trouble. What he didn’t realize at the time was that the offense would end up costing him his education. Under an obscure federal law […]

The old man and The Schenley: Sitting in the morning sun

It’s just after 9 a.m. on a Tuesday and the sun is shining, which is about all it takes to make Eddie Bieber happy. Wearing a scruffy pair of Reeboks, khaki shorts and – at least for the moment – a thin white t-shirt, the 93-year-old resident of The Schenley has been sitting on a […]

Flying faith

The Rev. Stan Esterline’s Sunday morning routine is pretty typical for a minister. With a Bible tucked under his arm, he enters the chapel where he works, passes out hymnals and proceeds to read from the gospel and conduct his sermon. His chapel, however, is anything but typical. With a Sony boom box for a […]

Katrina puts students’ lives on hold

Just over a week ago, Brianne Culley was on a flight to New Orleans, primed to begin her final year at Tulane University. Now after fleeing from the path of Hurricane Katrina, the fifth-year architecture student is temporarily staying with a friend in New Jersey. She hopes to enroll in Cornell this week. “It’s a […]

Paying, dearly, for pages

When freshman Erin Feeley went to GW’s bookstore to buy her textbooks, she thought $400 would cover the bill. Instead, the biomedical engineering major ended up paying almost $850 for all new, mostly new-edition books – before receiving a single class syllabus. “It just makes college that much more expensive,” Feeley said. “With all the […]

The Marvin Center: A conference center or student union?

Sophomore Stephanie Greenleaf spends a good portion of her time on campus in the Marvin Center – eating at J Street, studying and occasionally hanging out in the Hippodrome. But to her, the building just doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to. “I feel like it’s not the student center it could be,” Greenleaf said. “When […]

Study finds e-mail a major distraction for students

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – One of the biggest threats to a student’s concentration may have to do with how often he or she checks their e-mail, according to a new report. A survey of 1,100 people carried out by researchers at King’s College in London, commissioned by Hewlett Packard, found that distractions from a barrage of […]

Minorities at disadvantage for graduating on time

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – Since the civil rights movement, racial minorities have made great strides in the world of higher education. Yet when it comes to graduating on time, many are still at a disadvantage. Even as college enrollment among minorities continues to rise, the latest figures from the Department of Education’s graduation rate survey show […]