Zach Ahmad

Where have all the science students gone?

When junior Kate Murphy came to GW two years ago planning to major in political science, she was just one small fish in a very large pond. Now, she’s one of fewer than 20 students majoring in physics, a program that graduated just four students last year and where she knows nearly everyone by name. […]

Universities staying in touch with students by cell

College students have come to view cell phones over the years as a social need. Before long, they may find them to be an academic necessity as well. In collaboration with mobile phone technology firms, some universities are looking to make cell phones an extension of their digital information systems, allowing students to keep up-to-date […]

Scheduling a game in itself

Take a look at the GW men’s basketball roster this season, and you’ll see the most talented team the school’s had in years. Take a look at their schedule, and you may wonder if they’ll ever have a chance to prove it. After a breakout season last year that featured back-to-back wins over two ranked […]

American U. community reacts to Ladner’s termination

Last month’s dismissal of American University President Benjamin Ladner for embezzling nearly a half million dollars in school funds wasn’t the ideal way for freshman Ed Newman to begin his college years. But if you ask Newman what he thinks of his school’s former leader, his answer might surprise you. “He was a great leader […]

Mothers claim D.C. police ‘tortured’ inmates

The mothers of six Washington, D.C. inmates called on city officials last week to investigate claims of torture at the District’s main prison facility. Based on accounts they had received from their sons, other inmates and corrections officers, the women testified before a hearing by the city council’s judiciary committee on Oct. 24 that their […]

House committee approves $14.5 billion in student aid cuts

Congress came one step closer Wednesday to making the largest cuts ever to federal student aid programs, despite fierce opposition from Democratic lawmakers. The House Education and Workforce Committee voted 22-19 along party lines to approve a measure that would take roughly $14.5 billion from student aid programs as part of the committee’s budget reconciliation […]

Recent grad compares colleges in documentary

If guided campus tours don’t always give incoming college students the most complete view of university life, a new series of documentaries could help add a little perspective. A set of five DVDs to be released next week intends to give prospective students an all-access look into life at the country’s 50 most popular universities, […]

Federal proposal targets opinionated profs

A new bill in Congress aiming to add political diversity to university classrooms is causing controversy among academics. Included in the 2005 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, to be voted on by the House and Senate this fall, is an amendment establishing an “Academic Bill of Rights” meant to maintain an ideological balance in […]

Download dealings: students skirt music piracy regulations

Like many college students, Jason Sterlacci has a lot of music stored on his computer. Also like many of his peers, he hasn’t paid for much of it. Sitting in his dorm room in Ivory Tower, the senior uses a program called myTunes Redux to browse through nearly 50,000 songs from more than 100 people […]

Plane-spotting: At Gravelly Point park, people stop to spot

On a recent warm fall day at Gravelly Point Park in Northern Virginia, Steve VanMetre is crouched on a grassy field with his two young daughters and a camcorder, tracking a tiny dot in the sky coming his way. “Here it comes, girls,” he says. “Cover your ears.” As the object draws closer, VanMetre, a […]