Zach Ahmad

Departing Staffer: Zach Ahmad: Curtain’s up

Welcome to the Zach Ahmad Show. Every year The Hatchet gives departing editors and apparently the occasional staff writer a little less than a page to say whatever happens to be on their minds. The practice is inherently self-indulgent, typically boring and never as clever as the writers would like to think. It’s basically an […]

Minorities within a minority

By his own account, graduate student and alumnus Paul Kendrick is about as stereotypically white as they come. With blue eyes, pointy bangs and an unmistakably pale complexion, he isn’t one you’d expect would be intimate with the black experience. But since coming to GW almost five years ago, Kendrick has been one of the […]

Senators urge Congress to cut student loan rates by half

Two key Democratic lawmakers are promoting a bill to cut the interest rates for student loans in half in response to large budget cuts made to student aid earlier this year. The “Reverse the Raid on Student Aid Act,” introduced Apr. 13 by Rep. George Miller and Sen. Dick Durbin, would lower interest rates on […]

With ‘coursecasting,’ professors making lectures portable

For many college students, iPods are an indispensable companion for those long walks in between classes. Yet at some universities, the popular music players are making their way into the classrooms themselves. Faculty at a number colleges are experimenting with various ways to allow students the chance to use their iPods for educational purposes, be […]

International students are increasingly foreign objects at GW

By most accounts, freshman Carmen Barboza, an international student from Venezuela, likes it here at GW. She has made friends, likes her classes and is convinced she’s getting a better education than she could in her home country. Still, in many ways – from the differences in school curriculum to the candidness in which guys […]

Senate investigation targets American U trustees

In would could set a precedent for other universities, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee announced plans last week to probe how the American University board of trustees’ handled the recent firing of university president Benjamin Ladner. Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, said in a Dec. 2 statement that the committee would look into “whether […]

XBox 360 hits store shelves

The latest advancement in video game technology has arrived, but college students may have a tough time getting their hands on it. On Nov. 22, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 gaming console to enormous international fanfare. Many stores opened their doors at midnight the day of the release to distribute the first editions to customers […]

When football was king, and why it never will be again

Tucked away in a file cabinet on the top floor of Gelman Library is an old GW brochure that previews the 1965 football season. Trumpeting the team’s depth and the leadership of head coach Jim Camp, the leaflet boasts that the Colonials are a team on the rise and “the football outlook at GW is […]