Will Nevin

Column: Nuclear winter comes to the Senate

Imagine this: a bleak, inhospitable landscape, once a fertile place for growth and development, is now nothing more than scorched earth. Whatever life remains is twisted and bent on the total destruction of what’s left of the environment. The future, if it can be called that, is absolutely depressing. What is it? A war zone […]

Column: Memo from a red state ambassador

What first comes to mind when the state of Alabama comes up in discussion? Beer-swilling NASCAR fans? Confederate flag-toting racists? Junked up trailer parks waiting for a tornado to swing through? Or maybe it’s a beautiful place dotted with scenic mountains in the north. Stunning white beaches to the south. And hard working, gracious and […]

Column: A second term to-do list

On Thursday, we celebrated a grand tradition in this country with George W. Bush’s second inauguration, as all the pomp and pageantry came together in an effort to send the president on his way to the next four years in office. More than 57 million of the people who voted in last November’s election hoped […]