Will Emmons

GW to pull in millions more for academics

The University will likely be able to inject $15 million more than expected each year into its academic and research ambitions, top officials said Tuesday. University President Steven Knapp’s savings-searching Innovation Task Force is projected to rake in $75 million yearly by fiscal year 2017 through different efficiency strategies, more than the initial $60 million […]

For student-run Super PAC, time to sober up

Two seniors snagged appearances on Fox News and CNBC when they launched the bipartisan Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC, which they said could pick up the tab for political beer summits where politicians could draw up solutions to solve the country’s fiscal woes.

Company bankrolls online health degree

Clarification appended GW will launch its first online public health master’s degree after collecting a multi-million dollar investment through a partnership with an education startup. 2U, an education startup co-founded by alumnus Chip Paucek, has picked up about $100 million in capital investments in its first four years and is targeting one university per degree […]

University heightens work to retain top professors

The University has steadily built up its core of full-time professors over the last four years, but administrators now have a new challenge: keeping them. Provost Steven Lerman said the University must fortify against professor “poaching” by more elite schools by being more proactive and working with deans and department heads to keep star professors […]