Will Ables

Taking to the Streets

Driving in the District is no easy task. D.C. was recently assigned a very unflattering “D” by TheSteelAlliance, an organization that conducts annual consumer safe driving surveys. TheSteelAlliance looks at the number of aggressive driving acts committed per month in certain cities and then assigns grades to these cities. Based on this criteria, the District’s […]

All grown up

The scent of freshly cut grass is in the air. Flowers have bloomed, adorning the campus and city. And a few green thumbs have emerged in the GW residence halls. With unpredictable D.C. weather and jam-packed schedules, students are often unable to get outside and enjoy the city. But many students are exploring a unique […]

Oh the place you’ll go

Picture the ideal spring break. Is it sitting on a white sand beach sipping at an oddly colored drink with a small umbrella? Maybe it’s going crazy with a bunch of scantily clad teens at a Miami hot spot. Perhaps you’re not the beach bum type and would rather spend your time touring Europe’s most […]

Lights! Camera! Action!

Diary of A Nicotine Junkie and Efficiency are not big-time Hollywood films. Odds are few people have ever heard of them, but they are famous in their own respect at GW. Juniors Jon Reiling and Danny Riesser directed them both. For Reiling and Riesser, film is more than a hobby, it is something they love […]