Whitney Hensler

At Whit’s End: Finding new flavor in Eastern Market

It should come as no surprise to people who know me what this column is about: cheese. To those of you who don’t know me, let me just clear something up – I love cheese. Not like a, “No Strings Attached,” you’re-around-so-I-guess-you’ll-do kind of love. More of a “Brokeback Mountain,” “I wish I knew how […]

At Whit’s End

It feels a little bit like an episode of “The Bachelor.” Okay, that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration. But something’s not right. It’s like a McFadden’s on a Thursday night or a GW journalism class: too many girls, not enough boys. It’s Friday night dinner, and usually it doesn’t feel this way. Usually going […]

At Whit’s End

On the outside, Farmers & Fishers is stark and contemporary. The menu is painted on the exterior of the restaurant in modern, colorful block letters. “Chocolate-dipped bacon lollipops” tops the list. The walls are lined with windows that look out on the Georgetown Waterfront and small, close tables outline the curve of the eatery, offering […]

At Whit’s End Thunder Burger & Bar: Rock attitude served on a roll

I’m playing a guessing game with myself. How many leather items are in this room? There are the leather menus, the leather booth I’m sitting in and the leather-upholstered chairs with spikes jutting from the top. By the time I get to the all-leather bar stools, I’ve lost count. From the graffiti-adorned walls to the […]

Good eats hit the streets: Sweet Snacks

Sweetbites Gourmet goodies on the go? Don’t mind if I do. Sweetbites is what it advertises itself to be. From the color of the bubblegum pink truck to the nine flavors of cupcakes offered daily – including Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache and Madagascar Vanilla with Chocolate Butter Cream – these scrumptious sweets won’t disappoint. Perk: An […]

At Whit’s End: Westend Bistro

Chocolate is the Hugh Jackman of the food world. It has it all: it’s sweet, smooth and can make you forget about that fight you had with your boyfriend. At least, that’s what I’m thinking as I bite into the warm chocolate cake at Westend Bistro, Eric Ripert’s ultramodern D.C. restaurant that combines the best […]

Mayor of Jerusalem visits Elliott School

The mayor of Jerusalem hopes to revitalize his home city by increasing tourism to 10 million visitors per year, he said Friday morning at the Elliott School of International Affairs. Nir Barkat – who was elected mayor of Israel’s capital city in 2008 – has been touring the U.S. promoting Jerusalem as a prime city […]

Parent-ready museums

Washington is home to the world-famous Smithsonian Institution, but beyond the traditional attractions D.C. contains several quirky treasures showcasing everything from notebooks of a reporter who died on 9/11 to the studio used for America’s Most Wanted. The Hatchet has compiled a list of some of the best non-Smithsonian museums around the city. And hey, […]

Successful fundraiser starts breast cancer club

Web Extra When Samantha Shames learned that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she knew she couldn’t control the illness. She could, however, control her actions – and she directed all her energy toward finding a cure. The sophomore has been fundraising for breast cancer research for some time, but this year she […]