Vanessa Tencati

Eco-friendly Georgetown store makes organic chic

Organic cupcake anyone? How about a glass of fair-trade wine to go with that? At the grand opening of Setchi Ecoboutique in Georgetown this weekend, pastries and alcohol were merely the bait to hook the locals into getting acquainted with their newest specialty-shop neighbor. Setchi, the phonetically spelled Portuguese word for “seven,” is the first […]

Dorm decorating for dummies

Going off to college, especially if it’s GW, can leave students with little cash left to start the year. Luckily, turning a bleak dorm room into a cozy home away from home (or a sweet place to party) does not have to break the bank. Just a few key items, and a little creativity are […]

What’s the deal with… the University Mace?

When one hears the word mace, a thumb-sized black bottle filled with a dangerous solvent may be the first thing to come to mind. What you probably don’t know is that it is also the name of a special ceremonial scepter carried by persons of importance at significant, formal University events. University Marshal Jill Kasle […]

All fired up: Alumnus moves on after stint on “The Apprentice”

If you wear gingham plaid shirts on TV, you will become famous. GW Law School alum Martin Han Clarke did just that, and his trademark style helped him became one of the most memorable contestants yet to grace the screen on Donald Trump’s latest season of the hit NBC reality show, “The Apprentice.” Even though […]

Writing and harmonizing

Sophomore Mackenzie Lawrence, a member of a cappella group the GW Vibes, is very passionate about music. But when she couldn’t find an outlet to journalistically express and discuss her interests, she decided to do the next best thing – create her own. “I recognized the need for students to have an artistic outlet – […]

What’s the deal with… that gold column in the Marvin Center

The infamous hippo statue on the corner of 21st and H streets isn’t the only monument University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has brought back to GW from his travels abroad. If you’ve ever walked by the towering gold column in the Marvin Center lobby, then you’ve seen another example of Trachtenberg’s decorative touches. In 2002, […]