Vanessa Maltin

Iraq council opposes Bush plans

Posted 11:55pm February 19 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau As three more U.S. soldiers and one U.S. civilian lost their lives in Iraq this week, several members of the Iraqi Governing Council said they no longer support President Bush’s plan to select an interim government through caucuses but prefer the council become the sovereign […]

Dems battle it out in South Carolina debate

Posted 11:57am February 7 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau In the last debate before Tuesday’s seven-state primary, all seven presidential candidates gathered in Greenville, S.C. Thursday night, to debate the war in Iraq, the economy, health care and elect-ability. Front-runner Sen. John Kerry and Vermont Governor Howard Dean spent the evening batting heads. Dean […]

Kerry wins New Hampshire

Posted 11:49pm January 28 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau With a record high voter turnout, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., claimed his second consecutive victory Tuesday night in New Hampshire’s Democratic primary, securing his front runner status in the fierce race for his party’s nomination. “I love New Hampshire,” Kerry said after embracing his family, […]

Senate committee investigates Muslim charities

Posted 1:53pm January 26 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau Following over two years of investigations by federal agencies into ties with terrorist organizations, the Senate Finance Committee has asked the Internal Revenue Service to turn over confidential tax and financial records as well as donor lists for several tax-exempt Muslim charities and foundations including […]

Bush visits troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving

Posted 8:00pm December 4 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau Stunned expressions filled a makeshift military base at the Baghdad International Airport as President Bush surprised 600 U.S. troops for Thanksgiving dinner. The trip, top-secret and in the works for almost six weeks, allowed Bush to assure troops their work in Iraq is creating peace […]

U.S. speeds up granting Iraq sovereignty

Posted 9:57pm November 20 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau The Iraqi Governing Council and the U.S. occupation authority agreed on terms Saturday for the speedy end to the U.S.-led occupation of Iraq by mid-2004. Returning to Baghdad after a two-day trip to Washington, D.C., Chief U.S. Administrator, Paul Bremer, received a positive response as […]

Malvo pleads ‘not guilty’ to capital murder

Posted 9:35pm November 13 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau As the prosecution rested its case against sniper suspect John Allen Muhammad, co-defendant Lee Boyd Malvo entered a plea of “not guilty” before Judge Jane Marum Roush in Chesapeake, Va., Monday, for the slaying of FBI analyst Linda Franklin outside a Home Depot store on […]

Support for Bush split 50/50

Posted 5:28pm November 6 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau Three years after one of the most contested elections in American history, voters are again split on their approval of President Bush. Without the overwhelming flood of national unity brought on by the Sept. 11 attacks and disapproval over the handling of the war in […]

Anti-war protestors converge on Washington

Posted 5:30pm November 1 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau In a peaceful demonstration Saturday, tens of thousands of protestors gathered at the Washington Monument, calling for an immediate end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Organized by Act Now to Stop War and End Racism and United for Peace and Justice, the rally brought […]

No Child Left Behind might hurt Bush

Posted 12:02am October 24 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau President Bush’s No Child Left Behind program, once seen as a political milestone for the Republican Party, may now be a threat to Bush’s re-election campaign in 2004. In an October 13th Washington Post article, David Winston, a pollster for the congressional Republicans said, “Bush […]