Vanessa Maltin

Baseball legend receives Congressional Gold Medal from President Bush

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – For the first time since the 2004 election, President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry shared a stage Wednesday to honor baseball’s greatest hero, Jackie Robinson. Distinguished members of congress, civil rights leaders, Robinson’s family and members of the Red Sox baseball team gathered in the U.S. Capitol rotunda to present […]

Textbook prices soar; legislation on the way to offset cost

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – The cost of college textbooks has increased at nearly four times the rate of inflation since 1994, costing students upwards of $900 per academic year, according to a study released Tuesday by the State Public Interest Research Groups. The study, which surveyed textbook prices at 59 public and private universities across the […]

Online quiz to help undecided students ‘decide’

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – To a jingle of patriotic rock music, a flashing image of an animated Uncle Sam is lighting up computer screens across the country, urging college students to vote for their ‘presidential match.’ With the 2004 presidential election less then a week away, many young voters are still confused about the political rhetoric […]

Music, television stars urge students to ‘get out and vote’

(U-WIRE) WASHINGTON – With the 2004 presidential election just around the corner, music and television superstars hit the road this week with hopes of encouraging college students across the country to get out and vote. The two-week road tour sponsored by the Kerry-Edwards Campaign, brought together entertainment sensations including: Scott Wolf of “Party of Five,” […]

Organization introduces innovative education for D.C. adults

Posted 11:59pm by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau Mustafaa Madyun works for kids, but he does it through working with adults. He works with coaches, teachers, community leaders and anyone else who interacts with children to help them better understand the youth of tomorrow and lead them to develop into productive members of society. Beginning […]

Negative ads fly-high months before election

Posted 11:54am April 12 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau With seven months remaining until voters across the country cast their ballots in the 2004 presidential election, both President George W. Bush and Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts are crowding the airwaves with ads-each more negative than the next. Yet according to a […]

D.C. youth turn to art

Posted 4:00pm March 28 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau Mary Brown, director of operations for Life Pieces, remembers when Maurice Kie and his brother Donnell walked through the door of Life Pieces seven years ago. Maurice was in elementary school and had such a negative attitude that he rarely spoke to anyone. With the […]

Kerry addresses Bush war chest, recruits students

Posted 4:00pm March 16 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau While President George W. Bush officially clinched the GOP presidential nomination for the second time Tuesday, Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry captured decisive victories in all four Southern primaries, giving him nearly enough delegates to claim the Democratic nomination. But as Bush sits comfortably on his […]

Bush kicks off campaign against Kerry

Posted 12:22pm March 6 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau As Massachusetts Senator John Kerry swept decisive victories in nine of the ten contested states in the Super Tuesday primaries, the Bush campaign began addressing a serious race against the senator in November. With little doubt that Kerry will be his competitor in November, The […]

Bush declines endorsing job predictions

Posted 11:11am March 1 by Vanessa Maltin U-WIRE Washington Bureau With fears that the Democratic presidential nominee could make an issue of his failure to meet projections, President Bush declined to endorse an estimate last Monday made by his economic advisers that the U.S. economy will add 2.6 million jobs this year. In the past […]