Tyler Hahn

Tyler Hahn: Not afraid to say ‘Merry Christmas’

As we enter into the Christmas season, so do we again inevitably enter into our annual battle against the godless secular left. Each and every Christmas season, the stories of anti-Christmas (more broadly, anti-Christian) attacks grow more absurd. In a widely underreported debacle, Wal-Mart’s true colors (primarily Communist Red), have begun to show through. After […]

Tyler Hahn: The Parisian intifada

Jacques Chirac must be scratching his head. Despite his and the French people’s vehement invectives against the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq (and the United States in general), France is learning the hard way that there is no bargaining with Islamic extremists. On Oct. 28, riots began in cities outside of Paris after two Muslim boys […]

Tyler Hahn: Cultists on our campus

The cultists are at our door and they make no attempt to hide themselves. They stand on the sidewalk distributing pamphlets and booklets with such titles as “Soldiers of Satan” and “Earth’s Next Fifty Years.” They are the recruiters and propagators of the conspiracies, hate and demagoguery of Lyndon LaRouche. Beware. The LaRouchites draw in […]

Tyler Hahn: Harriet who?

Upon hearing that there were two vacancies at the Supreme Court, I couldn’t help but diabolically tap the tips of my fingers together, and let out a bellowing, contemptuous laugh at the sure to be ill-fated Roe v. Wade and other legal monstrosities that our high court has handed down over the years. It was […]

Tyler Hahn: War protesters: al-Qaida or the American Left?

Like the locusts of a biblical plague, tens of thousands of ultra-liberals descended upon Washington this past weekend. Anarchists, anti-Semites, communists, feminists, aspiring terrorists and every other bastard breed spawned of the Left came to our nation’s capital, ostensibly to advocate peace and protest the war in Iraq. Yeah, right. The first thing I noticed […]