Tryg Olsen

The Clinton-intern scandal and my addiction to football

Damn it! I knew there was a reason why I got turned down for that White House internship! Man, I just knew I should have brought a tape recorder with me. Just think how much that tape (or any tape, really) would be worth coming out of the White House right now. I’ve been watching […]

Another birthday comes along, but it has no real meaning

If you see someone slinking in the shadows, moving stealthily from tree to tree, hiding from the light and wearing all black, make sure to say hi to me. I’ve got to hide, because it’s my 22nd birthday. I’ve been trying to find some meaning in my 22nd birthday – what it means to be […]

Residence halls for alumni and `Curves’

I have recently come to the realization that life as I know it is about to end. No more students, no more books. No more teachers, dirty looks. My life is about to change radically, and I’m starting to panic. Fortunately, the good people at George Washington have everything under control. Thanks to the office […]

Anatomy of how writing a paper becomes a daylong event

Everybody ready to go home? I sure am. Thanksgiving is that special time of year to revisit childhood haunts, catch up with old friends, see what Mom did to your bedroom, listen to relatives tell you how much weight you’ve gained – you know, a Norman Rockwell-esque kind of holiday. Personally, I love the Thanksgiving […]

Open letter to President Trachtenberg on Commencement

November 10, 1997Dear President Trachtenberg: I have lived at the GW for the last three years. I am an ordinary senior, majoring in philosophy. I will graduate on time this May. You have never met me, or anyone like me. I had many offers from many different colleges as a high school senior. The financial […]

Film focuses on Gere, not political issues

Some things never change in Hollywood. Alan Alda is still sensitive. Ellen is still gay. And Richard Gere is still the prettiest man in show business. Gere’s most recent movie, Red Corner (MGM), tries to meld his two most obvious passions, namely showing Chinese human rights violations and showing off his butt. Gere plays Jack […]