Trevor Martin

Admissions rate drops

Preliminary admissions numbers indicate the University accepted about 1,000 fewer students this year than last year and could end up with an acceptance rate of about 40 percent – a 10 percent drop from last year. With a housing crunch fresh on his mind from an unexpectedly large freshman class this year, Robert Chernak, vice […]

Union denounces GW construction

GW officials say they are paying attention to organizations protesting labor practices of University sub-contractor Oncore construction but have received no complaints from workers on University construction sites. A D.C. workers’ rights group, which is supported by the Progressive Student Union, paraded a 20-foot tall inflatable rat outside the Marvin Center Tuesday afternoon to symbolize […]

Police arrest ecstasy dealer

A student was arrested and charged with felony possession of more than 500 pills of ecstasy with intent to distribute Tuesday after a University Police raid in Fulbright Hall, according to Metropolitan Police. Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Tony O’Leary identified the suspect as 19-year-old Christopher Schrader, who was arraigned at D.C. Superior Court Wednesday. O’Leary […]

Confidential records disposed of incorrectly

More than 250 Elliott School student folders containing sensitive information and marked “confidential trash” turned up in a newspaper recycling bin outside FSK Hall last weekend. But University officials said they are unsure how the records got there. “I haven’t a clue,” said Tony Dillard, coordinating manager for General Services. Dillard, who oversees Housekeeping Services, […]

Singer loses vote and election win

About 1,500 students came out Wednesday to vote in the hotly contested run-off Student Association presidential election between Josh Singer and Phillip Robinson, Joint Election Committee officials said. That is a jump of 25 percent from the first day of last week’s regular election. On Monday, the JEC declared a run-off election three days after […]

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Robinson-Singer run-off begins Wednesday

Posted 4:17 p.m. March 4 — The Joint Election Committee declared a run-off election Monday afternoon after discovering that a study abroad student voted twice for Student Association presidential candidate Josh Singer in last week’s election. Former candidate Dani Greenspan, who garnered about 17 percent of the vote last week, said he is now campaigning […]

New Hall power loss traps student in elevator

An hour-long power outage in New Hall Tuesday night trapped one student in an elevator and left other residents in the dark and dependent on laptop computers for work. University Police responded to the scene to escort students after emergency lights and call boxes failed to work. A student was trapped for about 20 minutes […]

Mayors of past and present gather for ball

Past and present D.C. mayors came together for what University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg called a “historic” moment Saturday. The first-ever GW Foggy Bottom ball at the Swissotel ballroom showed GW in its element. “Some people call GW a party school,” Trachtenberg said. “That may be true, but we party in black tie.” The event, […]

SA President and EVP candidate profiles

Dani Greenspan Sophomore presidential candidate Dani Greenspan has no Student Association experience, and that is precisely the reason he believes he can breathe new life into the organization. Running a campaign with relatively little publicity, Greenspan is trying to portray himself as an outsider who can make a real difference. His platform consists of three […]

Tickets for gala undersell

With two days left until the Foggy Bottom Ball, the University has sold about 700 tickets to the function. That is enough to fill 65 percent of the function room’s 1,100-person capacity. Although officials compared the event to last year’s Inaugural Ball, the function is aimed at drawing a slightly smaller crowd. Last year’s ball […]