Trevor Martin

Classes to remain open for IMF protests

Campus will remain open during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings, where protests are expected, at the end of this month, University officials said last week. Despite limited Metropolitan police funding and expectations that the Sept. 28 and 29 meetings could bring as many as 15,000 protesters into the city, officials said classes […]

Zoning Commission gives ESIA green light

GW won a decisive victory last Monday when the Zoning Commission approved the new Elliott School of International Affairs building, allowing the facility to house students in August. The Zoning Commission will meet again in mid-June to vote on the wording of the final order requiring the University to provide benefits to the neighborhood, such […]

Officials set to decide ESIA fate

City zoning officials will rule Monday on an updated list of amenities GW must make to the community to allow the new Elliott School of International Affairs to open in the fall. GW revised and submitted the amenities late last month to meet Zoning Commission demands that the University be more specific in its proposal. […]

Sexual assault reports rise

Preliminary numbers from Student Judicial Services for disciplinary violations this year show a “concerning” hike in sexual assault complaints, suspensions and expulsions, while alcohol violations remained flat and fraternities saw a marked decrease in violations with no hazing charges. Sexual assault victims come forward Senior Assistant Dean Mike Walker reported that Student Judicial Services received […]

NEWS BRIEF: Class size quickly approaches 2,250

Admissions officials said incoming deposits to attend GW are coming in “as expected.” As of Tuesday, the Admissions Office had received 1,885 deposits compared to last year’s 2,095 by that point. Director of Admissions Kathryn Napper said in an e-mail that she still expects to receive enough deposits to reach the targeted 2,250 class size. […]

GW ups Elliott ante

The University responded to Zoning Commission requests last week by putting dollar figures and timeframes on offers for final approval of the new Elliott School project. Community members said the proposal is still unsubstantial, and have until May 7 to officially respond. The Zoning Commission will rule on the package May 13. University General Counsel […]

Senate rejects Robinson picks

The Student Association Rules Committee rejected three of President-elect Phil Robinson’s cabinet nominees and accepted five Monday night. The decision, which was kept under wraps until early Thursday morning, has Robinson worried that hurt feelings from a contentious election are manifesting in Senate action. Most notably, the committee rejected former SA presidential candidate Dani Greenspan […]

University stalls grad speaker announcement

GW officials said they have a speaker lined up for the Commencement ceremony on the Ellipse May 19 but will not reveal the person’s name in case the speaker cancels. Director of Media Relations Gretchen King said the University would like to announce the speaker this week or next week. “I don’t think we’re behind […]

GW may cut complaint line

GW may disconnect the anonymous tip line that allows anonymous students and staff members to lodge complaints against professors, GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said this week. He said in-person complaint system is being considered. Trachtenberg called the program “aggressive.” The Faculty Senate unanimously condemned the idea after Vice President and Treasurer Louis Katz started […]

Police investigate armed robberies

Five students were robbed at gunpoint by two different assailants near campus in the last two weeks and police have made no arrests, University Police and Metropolitan Police officials said. The two victims of an early Sunday robbery said responding UPD officers were unhelpful and disorganized. Both incidents are under investigation by Metropolitan and University […]