Tommy Siegel

Hot Chip, over and over and live

“I suppose Americans are a bit more handsome and respectful,” said Owen Clarke, the guitarist and synth player of Hot Chip, comparing American audiences to his native British crowds. “Not nearly as pissed,” added Felix Martin, the band’s mustached drum machine programmer. “Drunk, that is.” “A bit less doughy too, perhaps,” Clarke continued, chuckling. If […]

Giving birth to an Iraqi nation in Maryland

NEW CARROLLTON, Md. – After spending years living in Fairfax, Va., Baghdad native Wade Hamandi returned to the Iraqi capital with a group of American doctors in February. The country he saw was in utter shambles, he said. “The country was ruined,” Hamandi said. “There was devastation and damage – not from the war, from […]

Israeli filmmaker discusses Holocaust documentaries

Israeli poet and filmmaker Haim Gouri discussed excerpts from his award-winning documentaries and described how he made films Thursday night at the Elliott School of International Affairs building. A striking scene from one of his documentaries juxtaposed disturbing footage and photographs of poverty, starvation and hardship in the Warsaw ghettos with scenes of celebration at […]

Arrests mark Iraq protest

A Saturday demonstration to protest the Iraq war resulted in the arrests of 28 people who attempted to deliver the names of the war dead to the White House. Among those arrested was Michael Berg, the father of Nick Berg, a truck driver who was beheaded by Iraqi militants in May. Immediately upon crossing a […]

Hart challenges ANC member

Former Student Association President Kris Hart is challenging Dorothy Miller, who has lived in Washington since World War II, for her seat on a local board that helps make zoning decisions in Foggy Bottom. The local Advisory Neighborhood Commission represents area residents and makes recommendations to the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustment […]