Tom Foley

Aday tells students to go ‘into the hut’

Professor Sean Aday told a packed Marvin Center Amphitheatre to always think before “going into the hut” during GW’s Last Lecture Series Tuesday night. Setting his story in Laos, Aday spoke about 45-year-old Francis, a doctor who invited Aday and his travel party to drinks, only to shock them at the end of the night […]

Career politician remembers life lessons in wins, losses

Terry McAuliffe, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential primary campaign, captivated listeners with stories from his long career in politics Monday night in the Marvin Center. At the event hosted by the GW College Democrats, McAuliffe provided students with an insider’s look into running a major political […]

College Republicans host debate over Obama’s first year

About 40 students gathered in the Marvin Center Amphitheatre Thursday evening to watch a debate over the success of Barack Obama’s first year in the Oval Office. Rob Noel, the College Republicans communications director, moderated the debate, which occurred between junior and Republican Moses Weisberg and his sophomore Democrat opponent, Ted Costigan of WRGW’s “Unpaved.” […]