Tom Braslavsky

Tom Braslavsky: Take advantage of the GLN

Ahlan! That’s Arabic for hello. But how would I know? I didn’t have room in my schedule to take the language this year. And I don’t have the time for too much independent language study with school, work and student life. Luckily, this semester I have been able to pursue extracurricular study in my language […]

Tom Braslavsky: Less is more

In case you missed it, The Hatchet reported a couple weeks ago that GW is no longer the most expensive school in the nation. According to the consulting firm Cambridge Associates, we are actually third on the list, which factors in tuition plus all other required costs for a new student at each school. As […]

Tom Braslavsky: Obama would not approve

A week after a couple of my roommates had posted a “McCain for President” sign on the door of our Thurston room, someone tore it down. A couple days after they posted a second sign, someone defaced it by drawing an inappropriate body part. A few days later, this poster too was torn down. So […]

Tom Braslavsky: We’re not in Kansas anymore…

Hi, my name is Tom. I’m a freshman, and I’m from Kansas. Yeah, really. If you must know, I’ve never met Dorothy and don’t live on a farm (though I do like to joke about riding a combine to school). I’m not a redneck, I don’t have a “country” accent and I have never been […]