Tom Braslavsky

Tom Braslavsky: Facebook down, college students out?

Thursday afternoon, Facebook spread the news that its website was temporarily out of service. through Twitter: “@Facebook: Facebook may be slow or unavailable for some people because of site issues. We’re working to fix this quickly.” For the next few hours, while the world’s top social networking site experienced its worst outage in four years, […]

Tom Braslavsky: Go abroad during your time at GW

Do it. That’s the main advice I give to any GW students wondering if they should study abroad during their collegiate years. After spending the majority of 2010 outside the U.S. – in Israel to be exact – I can say confidently that studying abroad is a valuable experience that gives students useful skills, both […]

Tom Braslavsky: Representation or revolvers

The one thing holding D.C. back from having Congressional representation seems to be a debate on gun rights. The D.C. Voting Rights Act, which would give our city an official representative in the House, has stalled for the past nine months. In February, it passed in the Senate – but only after being stamped with […]

Tom Braslavsky: Empty words

Two weekends ago, after tens of thousands of protesters – including many GW students – took to the streets for the Equality March, President Obama stood up in front of the national LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign and did what he does best: gave a heck of a speech. The speech had moments that […]

Tom Braslavsky: The case for fall break

What do seven out of eight Ivy League schools, along with American, Georgetown and Howard University, have in common with each other, but not with GW? No, I’m not talking about aesthetically-pleasing campuses with more than just a semblance of greenery. What I’m talking about is, all of these schools have some form of a […]

Tom Braslavsky: Julie, Julia and Tom

It was my first time cooking in college. Last weekend, I attempted to make scrambled eggs – and set off the smoke detector. As I was rushing to turn it off, I splashed some hot oil on myself (a few burn spots are still visible on my hand). You could call my first time a […]

Tom Braslavsky: A year in reflection

With my first year of college coming to a close, I took some time to sit and reflect upon what made being at GW this year one of my fondest memories. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first found out I would be living in a five-person room at our famous Thurston […]

Tom Braslavsky: Protesting Fred Phelps

Having grown up in Kansas, my home is only about an hour’s drive from homophobic and anti-American pastor Fred Phelps’ Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church, which last Monday picketed the White House and several other targets in the D.C. area. The White House protest was a demonstration against America – an “evil” and “rebellious” land, according […]

Tom Braslavsky: Spring break safety

Web Extra For a few months this year, I was contemplating going on an all-inclusive spring break trip to Cancun. With the economy down, package prices were relatively cheap and I thought it would be really nice to go somewhere fun with my new college friends. I imagined the real spring break experience: beach, sun […]

Tom Braslavsky: Settling it once and for all

I set out to get the 258 signatures formerly required to become a Student Association presidential candidate. I failed. Here is what I learned in the process. If you are a big follower of SA drama, or if you have taken a peek at The Hatchet over the past month, you may know of the […]