Tim Kaldas

Tim Kaldas: Don’t sweat over Iran

Concerns and tension over Iran’s nuclear capacity appear to be escalating. Seymour Hersh’s latest article in The New Yorker suggested that the United States was considering nuclear options against that country, and Iran has announced that it has successfully enriched uranium. But if the news is de-sensationalized, then one can see that little is likely […]

Tim Kaldas: A case for withdrawal

It is widely recognized that the situation in Iraq is highly problematic and the management of the occupation has, up until now, been exceptionally incompetent. Members of both parties have expressed discontent and frustration with the Bush administration’s policies in Iraq. With this broad acceptance that the situation in Iraq is abysmal, it is remarkable […]

Tim Kaldas: Stop the games with adjunct union

In October 2004 the adjunct faculty voted to form a union affiliated with SEIU 500 and engage in collective bargaining with the University. The vote was certified by the National Labor Relations Board, the federal body meant to oversee and arbitrate disputes surrounding unions and unionization. GW continues to refuse to negotiate with the legally […]

Tim Kaldas: Talk to Hamas

In the past month there has been enormous controversy surrounding the election of Hamas to lead the parliament in Palestine. Such concern is legitimate in light of their record of violence and their own founding charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel. It is important, however, to analyze the situation without rhetoric and emotion […]

Tim Kaldas: Coulter on Campus: Proudly presenting bigotry

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter visited GW’s campus Feb. 10. Gary Livacari defends the decision to bring her to campus. Tim Kaldas explores what it means for the College Republicans to stand behind Coulter’s remarks. Last Friday, Feb. 10, Gary Livacari, the political affairs director of the GW College Republicans, speaking at a GW College Republicans […]

Tim Kaldas: Iraq constitution may be a step backward

The approval of the Iraqi constitution has been widely praised as a huge step forward in the democratic evolution of Iraq. With this document in place, some have argued that we are one step closer to establishing a unified government and ensuring law and order. Unfortunately, such conclusions are, in all likelihood, little more than […]

Column: Only 20 years off

George Orwell wrote a brilliant work of political satire entitled 1984. In the past few years the realities suggested possible for 1984 by Orwell have come to fruition. People are “disappeared.” Kangaroo courts are being established – all in the name of security, of course. The Eastasia-Eurasia dilemma of 1984 – where Oceania went from […]

Column: Change the policy

Drinking has always been a part of college life, and unfortunately, things can sometimes get out of control. It is important that when someone drinks too much, they feel comfortable seeking the medical help they need quickly. A university’s priority should be preserving the health of its students, not dispensing punishments. Sadly, the current GW […]

Column: Advocate for workers

Over the years, the progressive community at GW has fought tirelessly for workers’ rights at our University, and for workers who are in any way affiliated with this institution. We have met with administrators, submitted petitions with thousands upon thousands of signatures, held forums and teach-ins, and organized demonstrations. We have tabled, palm carded and […]