Tim Hayes

Lords of Acid hones obscenity

In the grab-bag that is today’s American techno scene, very few bands appeal to true techno fans and mainstream audiences, alike. Lords of Acid has managed to bridge this gap by expanding into new areas with an innovative mix of techno and a hard-rock sound. Lords of Acid’s latest album, Farstucker (Antler Subway Records) released […]

Kelly Bell Band busts out of Baltimore

The blues is one of the most emulated and admired genres of music among musicians today, acting as a backbone of musical theory and style. Although many bands integrate blues styles into their sound, there are very few groups in mainstream music that work to continue the actual blues tradition. The Kelly Bell Band comes […]

Phillips looks back on modern art

The National Gallery of Art has always been a magnet for culturally significant works of art. Its latest exhibit affirms this reputation. “Modern Art and America: Alfred Stieglitz and his New York Galleries” is by far one of the most comprehensive and captivating exhibits recently shown in the gallery. As the name would suggest, the […]

Geddy Lee tries to beat the Rush

What happens when one of the most innovative and experimental rock bands of all time breaks up? It’s quite simple actually. The (former) lead singer gathers together a band that seems to match his old band and attempts to revive the fire that died with his original group. This is the tale of former Rush […]

Trance anthology offers decade review

Trance, like any musical genre, is an evolving art form. Born out of the acid house movement of the late ’80s and early ’90s, trance is now one of the most dominant forms of electronic music in the country. Production company +8 helped lead the movement, and continues to release quality albums. Started by John […]

Recent assaults contradict trend

It was just after Ally McBeal ended Nov. 16, 1998 when junior Jena Valdetero’s life changed forever. Walking to the Eastern Market Metro station from a house-sitting job in Southeast D.C., Valdetero and a friend saw two men walking toward them. She and her friend started to cross the street and one of the men […]

Juno Reactor fuses electronics and classical on new album

Juno Reactor has long been one of the mainstays of trance music. From its first album Transmissions, with its dance-like feel, to Beyond the Infinite, still a classic in almost any techno collection and finally to Bible of Dreams, the haunting 1997 album, the group has set a very high bar. Juno Reactor’s newest CD, […]