Tim Foden

Forum:Corporate greed does it again

With graduation around the corner, I constantly find myself in whimsical dialogues about career plans. Combined with the usual comments concerning the abysmal state of the job market, one pattern is certainly clear – a great number of my friends intend to enter America’s corporate sector. Many students have spent their undergraduate tenure training under […]

Week’s releases disappoint

Bad Ronald Bad Ronald Reprise Records 1.5 hatchets Bad Ronald lives up to its name. The band is bad, and not in the Michael Jackson sense. Attempting to fuse rap with rock beats, Bad Ronald looks to get “dat ass” on “da floor” with a party-oriented style of rap that is anything but original. The […]

Old 97’s carries torch of classic country

People often wince at the mention of the music genre “alternative country.” That is, if they have even heard of it. It is clear that perceptions of this music revolve around overly dramatic lyrics, leggy blondes with names like Faith, and grown men wearing too-tight jeans. While alternative also brings to mind several negative connotations, […]

The Living End plays punk-rock with a twist

I was in Adelaide, Australia, wandering the streets and trying to work off a hangover. The flashing lights and bustle of Christmas shopping teamed with Australia’s blazing heat did little to improve my already poor condition. And the teeth-rattling decibel level was about to increase. As I ambled down the marketplace I was deafened by […]

Hell Below/Stars Above wallows in quagmire of ’90s alternative rock

Uninspired, unimaginative and hackneyed are just a sampling of words that spring to mind while listening to the Toadies’ new album, Hell Below/Stars Above (Interscope). The album simply recounts the bland and stagnant mid-’90s alternative scene the Toadies played a prominent role in. This replay in itself is of little surprise, considering that Hell Below/Stars […]