Tiago Forte

Senate to begin training

The primarily new Student Associate Senate will undergo intense training in the coming weeks to prepare for its transition in April. Although senators typically have some training, Anyah Dembling, executive vice president-elect, said she plans to make the process more formalized this year. As EVP, Dembling is responsible for leading the Senate. “I think it’s […]

Dembling disputes charges as election heads into final stretch

The Joint Elections Committee will hold a closed hearing Friday to address allegations of “financial misconduct” by executive vice presidential candidate Anyah Dembling. Former EVP candidate Asher Corson submitted a complaint to the JEC last Thursday alleging that Dembling paid for students’ memberships to the College Democrats so they could vote in the endorsement hearing. […]

Students vote down SA fee hike

Students narrowly voted against doubling the Student Association fee to $2 per credit hour this week, preventing an increase that could have given the organization nearly $1 million. In a 1,084 to 981 vote, the referendum lost by about 100 students. The referendum would have amended the SA constitution, allowing the organization to charge all […]

SA hopefuls debate issues

Student Association presidential candidates discussed technology services and student rights at a debate Monday night. Candidates told 70 attendees that they would like to use the Internet and the GWeb system to better serve the student body. Most candidates said they would like to see an online forum where students could discuss campus issues and […]

Column: Speaking the truth

There are students at this University, such as James Gilbreath who think the Bible is a compilation of clever sayings, an easy-reference guide for those times in life when a comforting word or deep reflection is needed to make an idea sound wholesome and traditional. Unfortunately, most readers will take their information, and thus, their […]

Voters mull SA fee hike

Students will vote this week on whether to double the Student Association fee to $2 per credit, up to 15 hours. The SA has funded itself since the 2000-01 academic year, when students voted in a referendum to add a $1 per-credit-hour charge to their tuition bill. The SA’s budget, which funds all recognized student […]

Candidates splurge on campaigns

Student Association elections bring a bombardment of posters, palm cards, buttons, stickers and candy with candidates’ names and slogans printed on them. The Joint Election Committee regulates candidate spending on campaign paraphernalia. Presidential and executive vice presidential candidates may spend up to $750, while senators are capped at $400. Either the JEC or a third […]

SA votes to fund orgs.

The Student Association Senate gave initial allocations to 20 new student organizations Tuesday and presented fines to several others that did not spend their fall allocation money. The new student groups, which include the J.W. Fulbright International Affairs Club, Young Americans for Freedom, Near East Democratic Association, and the Finance and Investment Club, received initial […]

Hart to leave SA after one term as president

Student Association President Kris Hart announced this week that he will not seek another term in office. Hart said his goals for next year include a possible internship, business goals, spending time with friends and studying. “Part of (the decision) was for personal reasons,” he said. “I wanted more time for other things. I wanted […]

SA prepares for upcoming elections

The Student Association is preparing to begin election season Tuesday with the distribution of election petition forms, appointment of the Joint Elections Committee and official approval for the JEC charter. The Joint Elections Committee is a five-member body with representatives from the SA, Program Board and Marvin Center Governing Board. The body oversees the elections […]