Theresa Crapanzano

Homeless man enters Aston Hall and falls asleep

A vagrant was arrested after entering Aston Hall and falling asleep in the hallway early Saturday morning, exacerbating students’ frustrations about lax security in the residence hall. Junior Jorge Sanchez said he came back to his Aston Hall room at about 5 a.m. Saturday after a night of clubbing with friends, in honor of his […]

Veggies in vogue

Freshman Pam McLemore leaned against the counter in J Street, clasping a plate full of vegetables and pasta salad with one hand while waving her other hand wildly in the air to emphasize her words. I’ve always been told by people that I’m somehow disrupting the food chain because I’m not too fond of eating […]

In the kitchen with Chef Kevin

The quiet voice of GW’s new Executive Chef Kevin Brown was barely audible over the sizzling food cooking on the stoves around him in the Marvin Center’s catering kitchen. Despite winning six Culinary Olympic Gold Medals, Brown says he’s still not completely comfortable speaking up about himself. But when prompted, it’s easy to see that […]

GW mourns after math professor passes away

Members of the GW community will come together to remember the life of Professor Rodica Simion, who died earlier this month at age 45, in a memorial service Jan. 30. Colleagues of Simion, who taught all different levels of mathematics, said they would remember her for her gracious and friendly spirit and her willingness to […]

Women to unite against femicide

Marc Lepine entered the school of engineering at the University of Montreal Dec. 6, 1989, preparing to do battle with his perceived enemy – women. Screaming, You’re all fucking feminists, he opened fire on a classroom, killing 14 women and wounding nine other women and four men, before he killed himself. Lepine left behind a […]

GW at the millennium: Female folk singers send message via music

Another wave of girl power is starting to hit mainstream America, but instead of platforms and hot pants, these women push the envelope with activist lyrics and counter-culture beauty standards. Throughout the last quarter of this century, women musicians have been banging on their drums, strumming their guitars and singing louder and louder to make […]

University finds 1999 SA candidate was not a registered student

Former GW student Edward Meinert was not a registered student when he ran for Student Association president last year. Meinert, who pled guilty to two counts of first-degree fraud Oct. 7, was last registered for classes in the spring of 1998, according to the Registrar’s Office. Assistant vice president for Student and Academic Support Services […]

Former SA candidate pleads guilty to first-degree fraud

Former GW student Ed Meinert, once a very active member of the GW community, pled guilty to two counts of fraud last month. He ran for Student Association president last spring and the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, was a member of the Colonial Cabinet and interned on Capitol Hill, former friends of his said. But what […]

SA Senate impeaches Meisner on eight counts

The Student Association Senate impeached President Phil Meisner Friday evening after 16 members of the Senate signed a petition that called for his removal. The eight articles of impeachment provide sufficient grounds to initiate proceedings to remove Meisner from his position, according to the petition. Articles of removal charge that Meisner failed to follow SA […]