the Bar Belle

The Bar Belle: Andalu

Where: 1214 18th St. NW Getting in: carded at the bar Prices: kinda steep Food: nope Dancing: you betcha Pluses: The music was good Last Tuesday night there was a blackout in New Hall, and good ole’ University Police wouldn’t let anyone in or out. After waiting outside in the cold for a good 15 […]

The Bar Belle: Cassava

Where: 2411 18th St. Adams Morgan Getting in: carded at the bar Prices: cheap Food: nope Dancing: yup Pluses: multicultural The night was young and held a world of possibilities. Well, sort of. It was Tuesday night and the Bar Belle was in a pissy mood. You see, lately she has been looking for love […]

Bar Belle: TGI Friday’s

Where: you all know where it is Getting in: walk in Prices: mediocre Food: obvious Dancing: not quite Pluses: Dad paid The Bar Belle got perhaps the most dreaded e-mail last week. “I’ll be in D.C. this Friday,” it said. “Am looking forward to seeing you. We’ll do the town.” The dreaded dad weekend. What […]