Thane Tuttle

Hospitalizations remain steady

Alcohol-related hospitalizations at GW are slightly down from early fall last year, according to numbers released by the Center for Alcohol and other Drug Education. According to CADE, there have been six hospitalizations since the beginning of the semester, compared with seven over the same period last year. Meanwhile, the University Police Department reported 15 […]

GW-TV begins new year

GW-TV is preparing to provide students with new programming this year, as it enters its first full school year of operation. The network, which is student-run and works in conjunction with the School of Media and Public Affairs, kicked off its first year on air Nov. 11, 2003 with “Queer Eye for the GW Guy.” […]

SJT remains silent on Riggs Bank relationship

University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg declined to comment this week on whether he would be reevaluating his relationship with Riggs Bank as federal officials conduct an investigation into the institution’s financial practices. In a brief discussion with The Hatchet on Wednesday, Trachtenberg, who serves on the bank’s board of directors, declined to discuss the organization’s […]

Gelman to get Starbucks

Although construction of a Starbucks in Gelman Library will begin this month, University officials said the coffee shop may not open until next semester. The construction project, which involves the installation of the coffee shop in the library’s first-floor 24-hour reading room, has gutted the space. The area will be left unusable until the project […]

Upperclassmen wait for housing

Approximately 190 rising juniors and seniors are still without housing after this year’s lottery, housing officials said Wednesday. But all rising sophomores, including more than 170 who were on the list after the weekend’s lottery, have campus housing for next year. Andrew Sonn, director of Housing Services, said his office is working to find beds […]


Senate considers cabinet appointments The Senate confirmed all of Student Association President Kris Hart’s cabinet nominations up for consideration at the second official 2003-2004 Senate meeting Tuesday. “I’m very pleased that all my nominations on the table were confirmed unanimously and without objection,” Hart said. “This is a triumph for students, and shows what can […]

Housing lottery troubles persist

More than 170 students were still waiting to choose campus housing for next year as of Sunday evening, after a selection process marked by unexpected technical problems and room shortages caused a weekend’s worth of delays. Housing officials said junior and senior rooms were filled by about 8:15 p.m. Sunday, while sophomore housing also closed […]

Housing Guide: A housing lottery breakdown

After dozens of changes and a semester’s worth of delays, students returning to campus next year will participate in the housing lottery this weekend. Originally slated for early March, Housing Services delayed the annual housing lottery because of a recent court decision affecting housing procedures and the purchase of The Gallery residence hall in Rosslyn, […]

SA secures extra tuition money

Student Association leaders said they will have an additional $57,000 to allocate to student organizations next year after ensuring a summer tuition fee will become a permanent part of the SA’s budget. The SA currently collects $1 per credit hour from all students for the fall and spring semesters, up to $15 per student. Students […]

Heart to Hart with Kris

After the elections, many students want to know more about their elected leader than where he stands on campus issues. SA President-elect Kris Hart met with The Hatchet on Saturday to discuss his plans for his term as president. Hatchet: So, who is Kris Hart? Kris Hart: I’m just a normal guy. I grew up […]