Tess Malone

Preparing for the worst

A rogue Pakistani general has a nuclear weapon. You have less than five hours to diffuse the crisis. What do you do? It’s not a new, hardcore, version of a choose your own adventure book. Instead, this type of scenario confronts members of a new student organization who take on roles as players in simulations […]

Studying with Shakespeare

Senior Liz Bettinger never knew that a chance course she applied for after its deadline would turn into her thesis. This past semester, Bettinger and a handful of other girls woke up early and took the Metro to Capitol Hill every Friday morning so that they could experience, as Bettinger puts it, the “once in […]

Anything but Starbucks: where to get coffee off campus

Gelman may have its own Starbucks, but after experiencing it during the hustle and bustle of last semester’s finals you might want to steer clear. Here are other alternatives for those who need caffeine and a study fix in one: WHAT: Illy Espresso Bar WHERE: 1143 New Hampshire Ave. N.W. It’s near Dupont Circle. WHO: […]

Foreign students sharpen writing skills

The University Writing Center’s small conference table was almost completely full with nine non-native English-speaking students on Friday. They ranged from freshmen to graduate students, but all came with one thing in common: a desire to learn how to write well in English. The meeting was part of a new program that reaches out to […]

Long-distance puppy love

For freshman Elise Chen, home is only a phone call away. It’s keeping in touch with Sammy, her collie-lab mix, that’s the problem. “I can talk to my dog on the phone, but I don’t get anything out of it,” Chen said. Chen is not the only student who misses her pet, an integral part […]

Nobama vs. Oproma: Students make campaigining cool

Web Extra Let’s face it, Barack Obama has an easy name to pun. Think “Barack and Bowl” and “Obamania.” And this fall, GW’s own political organizations are playing along to get students to vote. Rather than a typical College Democrats versus College Republicans debate, this past week’s fight for potential student voters and campaign money […]