Tara Lincoln

O, Brave New World!

Let’s face it. Pretty much everyone has been assigned to read Shakespeare’s The Tempest at some point in his or her educational career. If not, I don’t know how you got out of that one, as I personally have had to read and overanalyze the play twice. However, if you really have not had the […]

“Coexistence” on the Mall

“We live in terror because persuasion is no longer possible; because man has been wholly submerged in history; because he can no longer tap that part of his nature, because we live in a world of abstractions, of bureaus and machines, of absolute ideas and crude messianisim. We suffocate among people who think they are […]

Kennedy Center Freebies!

This weekend you can switch up your normal routine by attending Washington D.C.’s premier performing arts venue at the best possible price: free. All it takes is a love for something different and the motivation to march down to The Kennedy Center for an afternoon. In honor of its 33rd year as the nation’s most […]

You damn iconoclasts

The usual thoughts accompanying any type of religious experience in art provokes memories of “Art History 32,” with altar pieces and reliquaries at every turn. “The Kiln God Show” at the Dimock Gallery, in Lisner Auditorium, is a breath of fresh air in the somewhat stuffy area of religion and the arts, offering up unusual […]

The stink of sex

Panhwa Art Studio presents: “Room Service” A FLAT presentation by Felicity Hogan featuring the digital C prints of Laura Carton This is not your grandparents’ art. Nor will you find it displayed behind your guidance counselor’s desk, or mounted on the wall of the local dentist. And with titles like “www.youngandtight.com” and “www.sizeking.com,” one might […]

African History Manifests Artistry

“As a Negro … I do not need to go looking for ‘happenings,’ the absurd or the surreal because I have seen things that neither Dali, Beckett, Ionesco, nor any of the others could have thought possible.” – Romare Bearden The artist Romare Bearden lived through the Harlem Renaissance and modern Civil Rights Movement. For […]

Kohler’s sculptures explore simplicity and serenity

Observers lean in close to the glass figures, trying to figure out where they’ve seen these simple structures before. Twisting fingers behind their backs, onlookers fight the urge to reach out and let their prints feel the frosty texture opposite their eyes. Minds are drawn back to summers at the beach; mesmerized visitors scan the […]