Tanya Margolin

Forum: Protesters fight for poor

At the end of September, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank will host their annual fall conferences just a few blocks from GW’s campus. These organizations have the power to influence the economic decisions made by countries throughout the world. The World Bank finances development projects in developing countries, while the IMF attacks financial […]

20 Dates: Looking for love in all the wrong places?

What is more familiar to college students than looking for love? 20 Dates (Fox Searchlight) follows Myles Berkowitz (playing himself) in his quest for romance. But his search is more complicated than most. As he looks for love, he also is trying to make a movie. But there’s more. Myles lacks dating skills and a […]

Album features new versions of ’80s hits

The 1980s featured some of the best movies ever made. Teen comedies – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Romantic date flicks – Say Anything. And the films that can only be described as “eighties” – Footloose and Dirty Dancing. And they all came with a soundtrack. In their Eyes: ’90s Teen Bands vs. ’80s Teen Movies […]

Esthero’s `selfish’ music blends styles

“The world I know is a world too slow.” Appropriate, even natural feelings of a 16-year-old music prodigy growing up in a town of 2,100. Esthero knew she had to get out, and she did. It is challenging to describe the music of Esthero. It accommodates an element of every style – blues and rap, […]