T. Neil Sroka

T. Neil Sroka: Many stakeholders in presidential pick

Although you’ll rarely catch any students saying it, every now and again President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg goes off and does the right thing in exactly the right way. While he’s certainly made his share of ill-fated and often bizarre missteps, Trachtenberg took the high road when he announced his plan to retire at the end […]

T. Neil Sroka: Perceptions could defeat four-by-four again

Few topics have fostered more campus discussion than the University’s proposed move to a four-by-four curriculum. Indeed, even fewer topics have had more ink spilled on them in the pages of The Hatchet over the past few years: a quick scan of the paper’s online archives reveals that more than 35 articles, columns and editorials […]

T. Neil Sroka: Time to blame yourself

While the emergence of Karl Hobbs’ hot hoopsters this season might be changing things, traditionally GW has only really had one activity that brings its diverse student body, faculty and staff together: complaining about GW. Day in and day out, from behind the doors of its dorm rooms, classrooms and offices, GW and its administrators […]

T. Neil Sroka: Science programs need a boost

From the headlines that screamed of the explosive growth of the GW endowment to the little teaser in the upper right-hand corner that celebrated the men’s basketball team’s emergence as a top-10 team in the country, even a casual observer of Monday’s Hatchet front page (Feb. 6) would see an up-and-coming, national research University emerging […]

T. Neil Sroka: Lincoln’s lesson on depression

Working with historian Joshua Shenk, author of Lincoln’s “Melancholy: How Depression Challenged a President and Fueled His Greatness,” Vikram Jayanti’s documentary, “LINCOLN,” which premiered last week on the History Channel, reveals a side of our nation’s 16th president that too few of us ever saw in school. While the Lincoln we know and love battled […]

GW enhances security

Located in one of the nation’s most vibrant cities, GW offers its students many unique opportunities. But this locale also presents a unique set of problems: how to protect more than 20,000 students from nearly constant threats of crime and terrorism. University officials said they are continually looking for new ways to ensure the safety […]

GW to phase out Prometheus

Internet-based class management software Prometheus will be inaccessible to students and faculty as of May 31. Blackboard, a similar software package that GW began using this past fall, will replace the application. Both Prometheus and Blackboard were available for student and faculty use throughout the academic year to aid in the transition from one package […]

GW to expand wireless internet access

The University will respond to student demands for expanded wireless access next semester by creating more “hot spots” around campus. A student survey conducted by the Student Association this fall reported that 60 percent of students said having wireless access was important or somewhat important to them. Last year, in a similar survey, a majority […]

Internet worm hinders GWMail

University technology officials said the recent rash of Internet-based computer worms and viruses may have been the root cause of Tuesday’s e-mail delivery delays, which left GWMail system users receiving e-mails hours after they had been sent. Although the direct cause of the slowdown was linked to a memory failure on the University’s e-mail server, […]

GW cuts alumni e-mail

Alumni need to find alternative e-mail accounts by June 2, after GW informed graduates this month the University will terminate their “@gwu.edu” accounts. Although GW has allowed alumni since the class of 1999 to use their accounts indefinitely, administrators recently decided to cut the service because of high costs and e-mail volume. Alumni will be […]