Stine Bauer Dahlberg

Stine Bauer Dahlberg: A foreigner’s transformation

I suppose my journey towards becoming an American at heart began months before I even set foot on the streets of Foggy Bottom. I had decided to leave Europe, the self-anointed cradle of sophistication, for America. Soon I found myself defending my choice over every bottle of wine I shared with a European, whether he […]

Stine Bauer Dahlberg: Hope for the power-hour generation

College students today are lazy, unmannered, hedonistic and, above all, they drink too much. Indeed, this is the same complaint voiced by every older generation since the invention of alcohol. Yet members of our generation are not just heavy drinkers, we are binge drinkers. We have reached an unexplored low by taking drinking to a […]

Stine Bauer Dahlberg: Gelman’ s textbook makeover

I have a love/hate relationship with one of my first acquaintances since arriving at GW from Britain. I see this acquaintance a couple of times a week, but as with all of my former boyfriends, there are faults that occasionally make me never want us to meet again. No, I am not talking about some […]

Stine Bauer Dahlberg: Bring Cinderella to GW

Cinderella had all the reasons for going to University away from home: an evil stepmother, abusive stepsisters and a rather unfair workload at home. If she had gone away to college, however, it wouldn’t have been to GW. Besides her small budget, the reason is pretty simple – the girl needs her ball, and she […]

Stine Bauer Dahlberg: You can’t put a number to a face

“I got a bad grade because my professor hates me.” Students sometimes moan like this to explain a terrible performance on a paper, test, quiz or report. Often, they are simply covering up a poor effort. Sometimes, however, a faculty member may show some bias in grading. What if you did not have to put […]