Steven Postal

UPD and MPD investigate armed robbery

Two armed men allegedly stole an undetermined amount of money from a second floor office in the Marvin Center Tuesday morning, University administrators said. The suspects entered the building at about 11 a.m., went up to the GW Food Services office, room 206, and pulled out a gun on two female Aramark employees, according to […]

GW employees fund campaigns

GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg had no difficulty answering why he donated $1,000 to Vice President Al Gore’s presidential campaign. “(Gore) asked me,” the self-proclaimed lifelong Democrat said. Trachtenberg said he thinks Gore is the best candidate for the presidency, considering Gore’s vast experience in government. Gore served numerous roles in the federal bureaucracy, serving […]

GW Hospital set to break ground

The GW Hospital will hold a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday for the construction of the new, state-of-the-art hospital even though GW has not obtained a building permit for the project. Amy Pianalto, media relations coordinator for the hospital, said the permit is “in process.” Hospital CEO Phillip S. Schaengold said the University will begin excavating when […]

IFC votes to support Sigma Chi’s return

The Interfraternity Council voted Tuesday to encourage the University to renew Sigma Chi’s recognition with certain conditions, IFC leaders said. At Sigma Chi’s presentation, which was closed to the public, Sigma Chi members answered questions from fraternity presidents. Sigma Chi lost University recognition in 1997 after the fraternity hosted a party during Colonial Inauguration. Sigma […]

Sigma Chi misses judicial deadline

Student Judicial Services prohibited GW’s chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity from making a presentation to the Interfraternity Council Tuesday, slowing the fraternity’s effort to regain on-campus status. The presentation would allow the IFC to vote on whether the presidents of on-campus fraternities will encourage the University to restore Sigma Chi recognition before rush, which […]

Scholarship scam

College students and their parents are feeling the sting of scholarship scams more often. As the cost of attending a college or university rises, students and their parents are turning to alternative funding sources to pay for their education. But with an explosion of alternatives come scams and fraud, financial aid experts said. According to […]

GW group locates foreign internships

A GW group that helps students at the University find foreign internships is gearing up for another year. The group called the Association for International Exchange of Students Interested in Economics and Commerce acts as an exchange network between committees in the United States and from other countries, AIESEC President David Metnick said. AIESEC’s purpose […]

GW cancels meeting with GTAAA

A GW vice president canceled last Thursday’s meeting with representatives of the Graduate Teaching Assistant-Adjunct Alliance as the group tries to gain union recognition at the University. “We regret the confusion over the earlier scheduled meeting, but now that it’s clear we’re dealing with a unionization effort, there are a host of duties and responsibilities […]

University logs onto government’s technology initiative

GW students will have access to information relevant to them in a centralized location thanks to a government pilot program that will start this fall. The Access America for Students Initiative is part of Vice President Al Gore’s push for technology in schools, said Dan Small, Student Financial Assistance director. He said the government is […]

Some travel agencies con students, elderly

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on fraudulent trips marketed to, among others, college students. FTC spokesman Mitch Katz said 21 federal, state and local governments filed suit against 25 companies in the FTC’s Operation Trip-Trap. Katz said these companies market their trips to students, and he said the fraudulent trips are not limited […]