Steven Blum

Steven Blum: Working for nothing

Classroom, campus, city – it’s practically our school motto. Emblazoned in promotional brochures, the words urge us to take advantage of all that Washington, D.C. has to offer. For many students, this means participating in a for-credit internship through a school-sponsored service learning program. However, as a recent graduate of this program, I would like […]

Steven Blum: Help bump the slump

If you’re a sophomore at GW and you love your life, stop reading this. For the time being, I’m going to pretend you don’t exist. If you feel lost, disillusioned, diarrheic, etc., however, please know that you’re not alone. You’re probably experiencing what is commonly referred to as the “sophomore slump,” and it’s about time […]

Steven Blum: An experiment in co-ed housing

For the past month and a half, my male roommate and I have had the pleasure of sharing a bathroom with two girls. Besides the occasional hairs in the sink and the tubs full of makeup, it was like sharing a bathroom with anyone. The oh-so-socially-progressive experiment was running marvelously until we received an e-mail […]

WEB EXTRA: Students compete in Colonial Idol at MVC

Twelve students participated in the second annual Colonial Idol Monday night, a talent competition whose winner will sing the national anthem at the Colonial Invasion ceremony Friday night. This year’s champion, sophomore Yoko Uchida, is a native of Japan and moved to the United States six years ago. “In Japan, I used to go to […]