Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg: Does it take all kinds?

GW has and deserves a top-notch faculty with superb academic credentials and, frequently, experience in the professional realm that few schools can match. But when seeking faculty, we need to leaven the academic bread more than we currently do, and more than most institutions do. At GW, faculty perform research, they seek knowledge and they […]

Column: Higher education in a post-industrial society

It used to be that tending the crops and looking after the livestock were more important than learning to read and add a column of figures. It made sense. The world, until recently, lived by agriculture. Even when societies acquired enough leisure time to teach their young formally, they still gave precedence to the crops […]

‘In and Of the District’ in the classroom

A few months ago, the University published an elegant little booklet called “The George Washington University In and Of the District of Columbia,” “GW + DC” for short. If you have not yet seen a copy and read it, I urge you to do so. On the page or online, I recommend it to students, […]

Op-Ed: Learning equates to success

Even a few years ago, those who worked in higher education still posed a basic question: Were undergraduates engaged in “learning for its own sake,” or were they being groomed for roles in the American economy? For a significant number of academicians, the debate had to do with personal status and curricular details. The noblest […]

Letter: Fraternal fantasy

As somebody who participated in Greek life as an undergraduate and benefited from the experience, and whose son is not only a member of a fraternity at his university but is president of his chapter, I get tired of hearing anti-fraternity and sorority conspiracy theories uttered by members of the Greek community at GW who […]

Understanding our electronic age

As our world goes about changing itself at a phenomenal pace into a different kind of place, a school like GW faces all kinds of problems as it strives for self-definition. Should it resist the pull of the internet by making its campus ever more attractive, ever more laden with interest and entertainment? Or would […]