Stephanie Keller

What’s on our iPod: Kayne West vs. 50 Cent

Kayne West: Graduation Despite his cocky demeanor, public antics and trash-talking mouth, Kanye West knows how to drop it like it hot. On West’s third effort “Graduation,” the mainstream heavyweight matures his already experimental hip-hop sound with ingenious samples such as Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne” on the song “Champion,” as well as guest spots by […]

Shedding light on a dark issue

Love him or hate him, Pete Wentz really doesn’t give a damn. Better known than his platinum-selling band Fall Out Boy, Wentz’s face (and other body parts…) have been plastered all over the media since the band shot to the top of the Billboard Charts with “Sugar, We’re Going Down,” bringing their emo-pop sound to […]

WEB EXTRA: OK Go: More Than Just the Boys on Treadmills

“OK Go hopes to be the first band to play in space,” said the Chicago/D.C. band’s bassists Tim Nordwind. It’s a goal that may not be completely unrealistic for the highly inspired members of OK Go, a band that has been topping the American and European charts since their 2002 self-titled debut album. After taking […]

WEB EXTRA: Rock band Anberlin releases new album, “Cities”

In the recently founded world of new age emo, a band’s third release can expand or crumble their existing fan base. Jersey rockers Senses Fail, released their third album to deaf ears, ripping open their loyal fan base at the seams, while the *NSYNC of emo-pop, Fall Out Boy, have launched themselves into celebritydom, managing […]

WEB EXTRA: Sugar Punk Arachnids: Pink Spiders spin sucrose webs

What if Buddy Holly shed his wholesome image back in the day and transcended eras to join up with the New York Dolls in the 70s? The musical effect would undoubtedly be a mirror image of the rising Nashville based rockers, The Pink Spiders. On Saturday, The Pink Spiders played a sold-out 9:30 Club, along […]