Stefanie Jackowitz

20th century expression and spirit at the Phillips Collection

When looking back at early 20th century art, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Salvador Dali are the names that come to mind. Other than the realist images of Grant Wood’s farmers and Henry Whistler’s reclining mother, the American public may remain uninformed about those who pioneered the modernist era here in the United States. So […]

It’s not unsual…to have panties on the stage

Lisner Auditorium caught disco fever last week as 70s sex god Tom Jones took the stage. Jones’ seductive pelvic swivels and sultry vocals charmed his old-time fans and a handful of younger wannabe disco divas. The crowd erupted with cheers and female audience members swooned when Jones appeared in a studded blue shirt and sleek […]

Women take over D.C. media

The rising trend of female leadership in the media field in the past 25 years has left people wondering, why are women so successful in top executive positions once held predominantly by males? “Women tend to be more collaborative and intuitive, more so than the average guy,” said Kathryn Kross, CNN’s D.C. Bureau Chief. “I […]

Dedicated neighbor

Fifty-year Foggy Bottom resident Lucille Molinelli lived with her husband and baby daughter in what is now Thurston Hall for 15 years. This past June, Molinelli proudly accepted the first ever Olga Corey Award for enhancing the quality of life in Foggy Bottom. Molinelli said she strives to keep “the neighborhood a desired place to […]

Always in demand

Call them at 6 a.m. on class registration day for course advice. Call them at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday to help deal with irritating roommate issues. Call them at 11 p.m. on a Saturday to find out where to get a late-night snack. But just do not call them RAs. “The difference between a […]

Carot to Picasso showcases masterful retrospective

Love art but tired of the big galleries on the National Mall? The Phillips Collection, located on 21st and Q streets, hosts a variety of works in the exhibition Corot to Picasso: European Masterworks from the Smith College Museum of Art, which are well worth a gander. Originally housed in the Smith College Museum Collection, […]

Hardball touches audience in all the wrong places

Casting Keanu Reeves as the determined baseball coach of young boys from the projects may look like a box office homerun, but Hardball fails to hit anything out of the park. Hardball (Paramount) looks at first like a touching, thoughtful story based on writer Daniel Coyle’s true-life account of a Little League team in the […]

Head Over Heels gets by on looks alone

Boy meets girl. Boy falls madly in love with girl. Following the path of its love-at-first sight predecessors, Head Over Heels (Universal Pictures) is not what one would call an original. The movie opens as Amanda Pierce (Monica Potter, Patch Adams) discovers her boyfriend sleeping with a lingerie model. Heartbroken and homeless, Amanda is wondering […]