Sonia Gupta

Of pawns and kings: The GW Chess Club

With hundreds of registered student organizations at GW, chances are pretty good there are a few groups you have never heard of. Each week, the Life section will feature a club you may or may not have known about. From a diplomat from a nearby embassy to someone who carries his home on his back, […]

It ain’t Long Island: South Dakota style

Forget the first 10 people you met at GW – not everyone is from Long Island. Or New Jersey, for that matter. Or even Pennsylvania. Though many times you may hear students asking one another “Nassau or Suffolk County?” GW really does attract students from interesting locales all over the country and the globe. Meet […]

Biggest eaters in the GWorld

Spending a few dollars to rent a movie is the normal solution to Saturday night boredom. For a few sophomore males, however, their solution was spending nearly $400 on food. Not just any food, of course- they ate cuisine paid for entirely with Colonial Cash. In a 24-hour marathon of GWorld spending, Seth Fink, Nick […]

Shhhh! Gelman is not only for studying

As final exams approach, more students will start spending days and nights at Gelman Library. But, some students might be fitting in more social time than study time at Club Gelman. Enhanced by the January opening of a Starbucks on the library’s ground floor where a silent study room used to be, the library is […]

Africa week hits GW

Students sponsored a week of events to raise awareness for critical issues in Africa and celebrate African culture last week. Events included an African dance class, discussions about AIDS and genocide in Africa and an African art exhibit. Books for Africa and the Organization of African Students also sponsored other events throughout the week, such […]

Alum discusses days as CIA agent

Former CIA operative and GW alumnus Joe Kiehl made becoming a secret agent not so secret Tuesday night. He gave students tips for landing a job with the intelligence agency. More than 100 people packed the Alumni House for the lecture, “How Do I Become a Secret Agent?” which lasted about an hour and a […]

Students compete to see who is funniest

Columbian Square looked more like a makeshift theater Wednesday night when students performed stand-up comedy at the second annual GW’s Funniest College Student Competition. A platform stage was set up in the middle of the Marvin Center’s Columbian Square, where nine students competed for the title of GW’s Funniest Student and a chance to compete […]