Skyler Tulchin

Monumental still on the chopping block

Commencement is less than three months away, but the University has not decided if Monumental, the annual graduation party held for seniors, will take place this year. At the October 2005 Board of Trustees meeting, University President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg said he wanted to cancel Monumental to offset the increased cost of this year’s Commencement […]

Extra! Extra! GW students to appear in ‘The Visiting’

When students are at the movies watching “The Visiting,” being filmed on campus this month, they might not only see Nicole Kidman, but also some of their fellow students. More than a dozen students have been cast as extras for the filming of the science fiction movie starring Kidman, said junior Adam Linet, who was […]

Washington may have been a presidential heartthrob

Most people associate the image of George Washington with a stiff, aged face on the front of a wrinkly dollar bill. But according to new three-dimensional images produced by the first president’s library, it appears Washington was the equivalent of an 18th century heartthrob. The Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens is performing research on Washington’s […]

‘Shoes’ presents a sassy and sensible pair

A mixture of elderly humor and sugary chick-flick sappiness leaves audiences of “In Her Shoes” (Fox) entertained, but sobbing discreetly in the back row. Like a stiletto heel, the movie is cute and sassy, but precarious enough for the possibility of a stumble. Maggie Feller (Cameron Diaz) is a spacey, unemployed party girl who milks […]

RHA holds elections

Some people take it seriously and campaign for better residence halls. Other students use it as a launching pad to get their name out on campus. Either way, each GW residence hall elected leaders to serve on the Residence Hall Association on Monday. An organization serving the 7,000 students living in dorms, the RHA monitors […]