Skip Oliva

Op-Ed: Election system breeds controversy

As a former GW student, 1998 JEC member and co-author of the current JEC charter, I am frankly not surprised that, yet again, the student election system at GW has broken down. The Hatchet’s editorial on this matter (“System overhaul,” March 1) is largely correct in faulting the shortcomings of the system itself in causing […]

Baxter’s noble role in election reform

The letter printed in The Hatchet’s Jan. 24 edition (SA’s dubious `reforms,’ p. 5) regarding the recent adoption of a new SA elections charter demonstrates the very reason I hold the typical GW student in contempt. Rather then actually make an intelligent critique of the election process, the writer stoops to unfounded and false attacks […]

Bond editorial’s assessment fails

While your editorial in favor of GW’s bond issue was hardly unexpected (“Bond, GW Bond,” Oct. 12), I am a bit surprised with the tart manner in which you dispose of the legitimate concerns of the bond’s opponents. The thesis of your support is “GW brings jobs, money and talented people to DC” and therefore […]